Why Choose Strategy4GMAT?

Live Classes:

Learn from the best in the industry through interactive and engaging live classes. Our experienced tutors will guide you step-by-step, ensuring a personalized learning experience.

Flexible Course Validity:

Gain complete control over your learning journey. Our GMAT course is valid for 12 months, giving you ample time to prepare. Pause and resume your course at any point within the year, adapting to your schedule and needs.

Comprehensive Assistance:

From the basics to advanced concepts, we’ve got you covered. Our course provides comprehensive coverage of all GMAT sections, including verbal, quantitative, integrated reasoning, and analytical writing assessment. We go beyond the syllabus, equipping you with the skills needed to excel in each section.

Mock Tests:

Embark on your preparation journey with our extensive guidance on choosing the right mock tests. We help you identify tests that accurately simulate the GMAT experience, ensuring you become familiar with the format, time constraints, and difficulty level.


Instructors Who Themselves Have Scored 99th Percentile on the GMAT!

Students Mentored!

Know Your Tutors

Learn from the brightest minds who have already aced the GMAT. Your faculty has a 760+ GMAT score on multiple occasions, and just as we allow only alumni from top B schools to be advisors on your BSchool journey, our faculty possess exceptional scores as well. Your faculty themselves earned multiple 770 and 760+ scores and have assisted over 7000 students with multiple Q51s and V42s (760+ scores). Your quant faculty is a number wizard and an IIT alumnus

Your verbal tutor who is pulchritudinous and will surely explain all concepts with limpid perspicacity which will not be so tortuos is an alumnus of Monash University, Australia. Himself having scored the 99th percentile on the GMAT, speaks for his calibre.

With their in-depth knowledge and proven track record, they will guide you toward a score of 740+ (a 740 is above the average gmat of HBS).

We believe in the power of experiencing our classes firsthand. Sign up to get access to a demo class to get a taste of our teaching methodology and interact with our expert tutors. Discover how Strategy 4GMAT can transform your GMAT preparation journey.

Elite Tutors:

Benefit from the guidance of tutors who have consistently achieved GMAT scores of 760+ and are distinguished alumni of top institutions like IIT and Monash University.

Proven Track Record:

Our faculty has a strong track record of guiding students to achieve high scores, with over 7000 students reaching scores of Q51 and V42 (760+ scores) under their guidance.

Tailored Guidance:

With their profound knowledge, our tutors are committed to steering you towards achieving a score of 740+ – higher than the average GMAT score at Harvard Business School (HBS).

How We Stand Out from the Rest

Unlike other GMAT preparation services, we focus on your success and tailor our approach to meet your individual needs. We understand the challenges you face, and our user-centered approach sets us apart:

Personalized Attention:

Our live classes ensure personalized attention, allowing you to address your specific doubts and concerns directly with our tutors.

Adaptive Learning:

We adapt to your learning style, pacing the course based on your strengths and weaknesses. Maximize your potential with a customized study plan.

Engaging and Interactive:

Our classes are interactive, keeping you engaged throughout the learning process. Expect lively discussions, practical examples, and active participation.

Holistic Support:

Beyond the classroom, we provide ongoing support. Reach out to our team for assistance with any aspect of your GMAT preparation, and we’ll be there to guide you.

What’s On Offer:

At S4G, you are taught by instructors who have more than 10+ years of experience individually in teaching a variety of local and international students, instructors who know what it takes to ACE the GMAT and who themselves have scored a 99th %ile on the GMAT.

We have mentored over 7,000 GMAT applicants, and having been in your position we know that your GMAT struggles are unique. Unlike other coaching institutes, we do not believe in a one-approach-fits-all pedagogy. We personalize our teaching curricula (each lesson to be precise) in a subtle manner to address your individual challenges.

  • 99%ile Strategy sessions on the toughest 750-level SC, CR, RC, DS, and PS questions conducted every weekend
  • 30 Live application classes – learn the concepts comprehensively AND develop the skills needed to ace the GMAT through application across official GMAT question types
  • Online practice of 7,000+ Official GMAT questions
  • Access to GMAT Official Guide, Verbal Review, Quant Review, and GMAT Advanced
  • Missed a class due to work? Or couldn’t attend a session because of personal reasons? Don’t worry, we have you covered through accessible recordings to ALL Classes
  • Mock Analysis Sessions
  • Unlimited Doubt Solving
  • Access to basic foundation sessions and session recordings
Our GMAT course is designed to empower you with the necessary skills to ace the exam. Key details of our course include:

Course Validity: 12 months

Fee: ₹32,999 ₹29,999 incl GST

Next Batch Starts: 15th July

Comprehensive Assistance: From basics to mocks, we provide all-round support to ensure your success.
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