An MBA is the last formal full-time education endeavour for most of us. The experience at a top B-school is a life-changing one, both professionally and personally. Choosing the right B-school depends on a number of factors,

  • B-school’s Ranking
  • Duration of the Programme
  • Alignment with post-MBA goals
  • Tuition Fee & Living Expenses and Long-term ROI
  • Region / Country of the School
  • Your Eligibility (Work-ex, GMAT/GRE Requirements, etc.)

We have covered a few of the elements above to give you a one-stop view of the top-50 B-schools as per FT’s 2020 ranking including their GMAT score ranges, average work experience details and program durations.

Rank in 2020School NameRegion Country DurationAverage work experience (in years)GMAT Lowest GMAT HighestAverage/ Median GMAT
1Harvard Business SchoolUSAUSA2 years4.7  730
2University of Pennsylvania :WhartonUSAUSA2 years5  732/730
3Stanford Graduate School of BusinessUSAUSA2 years4.6  734
4INSEADEurope and AsiaFrance/ Singapore10 months5.6670750707
5CeibsAsiaChina18 months/ 12 months5.5640740681
6MIT : SloanUSAUSA2 years5690760727/730
7London Business School EuropeUnited Kingdom2 years5.5600780701
8Columbia Business School USAUSA2 years5560790727
9HEC ParisEuropeFrance16 months6  690
10University of Chicago: Booth USAUSA21 months5610790730
11Northwestern University: KelloggUSAUSA1 year / 2 year5620780730
12University of California at Berkeley: HaasUSAUSA2 years5.3680760725
13Iese Business SchoolEuropeSpain19 months / 15 months5  681
14Yale School of ManagementUSAUSA2 years5680760720
15National University of Singapore Business SchoolAsiaSingapore17 months6  670
16Dartmouth College: TuckUSAUSA2 years5620780723
16Duke University: FuquaUSAUSA22 months5.5660740702
18Universty of Virginia: DardenUSAUSA21 months5  713
19University of Cambridge: JudgeEuropeUnited Kingdom1 year6  691
19HKUST Business SchoolAsiaHong Kong16 months6570710660
21University of Oxford: SaidEuropeUnited Kingdom1 year2  690
22New York University: SternUSAUSA2 years5.2680750721/720
23Cornell University: JohnsonUSAUSA2 years5  696
24Esade Business SchoolEuropeSpain18/15/125.7  660
25IMD Business SchoolEuropeSwitzerland1 year7  680
25UCLA Anderson School of ManagementUSAUSA2 years4.5660740706
27Indian Institute of Management BangaloreAsiaIndia1 year7.5  740
28Indian School of BusinessAsiaIndia12 months4.5  709
29SDA Bocconi School of ManagementEuropeItaly1 year5.5650750700
30University of Michigan: RossUSAUSA2 years5  719
31Gerogetown University: McDonoughUSAUSA2 years4.9650740694/690
31Carnegie Mellon: TepperUSAUSA2 years5.7640730687/700
33Fudan University School of ManagementAsiaChina2 years2  650
34Univerity of Florida: WarringtonUSAUSA2 years2  680/690
35Nanyang Business School, NTU SingaporeAsiaSingapore2 years6  600
36University of Southern California: MarshallUSAUSA2 years5680740708
37Shanghai Jiao Tong University: AntaiAsiaChina2 years6  540
38Renmin University of China Business School (RMBS)AsiaChina2 years4  550
39University of North Carolina: Kenan-FlaglerUSAUSA2 years5  697
40University of Texas at Austin: McCombsUSAUSA2 years5  661
40Indiana University: KelleyUSAUSA2 years5.6  666
42Indian Institute of Management CalcuttaAsiaIndia1 year8  701/700
43Warwick Business SchoolEuropeUnited Kingdom12 months8580720661/660
44Washington University: OlinUSAUSA2 years4  695
45Alliance Manchester Business SchoolEuropeUnited Kingdom15 months6  625
47Shanghai University of Finance and Economics: College of BusinessAsiaChina2 years    
47Emory University: GoizuetaUSAUSA1 year/ 2 year5.3640740 
47University of Washington: FosterUSAUSA21 months6640730695
50CUKH Business SchoolAsiaChina2 years6.6  700
50City’s Business SchoolEuropeUnited Kingdom12 months   600

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