S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) stands as a premier business school in India, renowned for its range of management programs, including the esteemed Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM). The institution has gained recognition for its inventive and pragmatic approach to management education, consistently securing top positions among Indian business schools in various reputable rankings.

Nestled in the heart of India’s financial and cultural hubs, Mumbai and Delhi, SPJIMR offers a strategic advantage. This strategic location provides participants with optimal exposure to economic and financial activities, creating an immersive learning environment enriched by valuable industry engagements. The PGPM cohort is celebrated for its diverse composition, comprising seasoned professionals from various fields. This diversity fosters unparalleled cross-industry and cross-functional peer learning, cultivating robust professional networks. Guided by a comprehensive leadership development approach, PGPM equips participants to embrace broader roles in general management.

PGPM Program at SPJIMR

Let us dive into the details of the one year PGPM Program offered at SPJIMR


SPJIMR’s Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM) is an 18-month AICTE-approved program, ideal for working executives. The programme commences with an online module for 2 months, an on-campus residential module for 12 months, followed by 4 months of Industry and International Immersion. The programme is designed as a career accelerator for candidates with a minimum of 3 years of work experience and strong domain knowledge to move to expansive roles in general management. PGPM participants are provided with a solid foundation in management fundamentals in the first phase, followed by a deep dive into their chosen area of specialisation in the second phase. PGPM focuses on strong academic rigour and offers a wide range of electives. The diverse and extensive work experience of the participants results in enhanced classroom learning.



●      Bachelor’s degree with at least 50% marks or equivalent CGPA in any discipline from a recognized university. 

●      Minimum three years of relevant work experience at the time of commencement of the program. 

●      GMAT/CAT scores accepted. Scores for GMAT taken between October 30, 2018 – October 30, 2023, or CAT scores for years 2020, 2021 and 2022. 

●      GMAT scores have to be submitted through GMAC GMAT scores can be submitted by October 30, 2023.

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Required Documents for Application:

Proof of Full-Time Work Experience:

Offer letters

Salary slips

Experience letters

(Note: If the applicant has worked in multiple organizations, proof of work experience for each organization is necessary.)

For Entrepreneurs or Venture Owners:

Income tax returns

Incorporation certificates

Registration certificates

Academic Qualifications:

Please ensure that all documents are provided accurately and in accordance with the application guidelines.

SPJMR PGPM The Admission Criteria


  • Fill the online application form between September -October, on the online admission portal. Application processing fee is INR 2000.
  • Selection Process
  • Applicants are shortlisted on the basis of their profiles, and are evaluated using the following criteria:
  • Academic record Relevance of work experience in specialisation applied for versatility and achievements. Interviews of shortlisted applicants will be conducted on a rolling basis.
SPJMR PGPM Admissions Process


  • Round 1 – May 31, 2023 
  • Round 2 – July 31, 2023 
  • Round 3 – October 2, 2023
SPJMR PGPM Application Stages


The process saw a high number of companies onboarded and speedy offer rollouts, reflecting the trust in the value-based leadership style of the MBA participants. The return to normal was also marked with most recruiters visiting the campus, while others opted for hybrid/online modes of recruitment. The FMCG sector emerged as the top recruiting sector, with 35% of the batch receiving offers. This built on a trend of increased offers year on year from premier FMCG companies, making SPJIMR a preferred campus.

The average annual salary (cost-to-company) this year stands at INR 33.02 lakhs per annum. The median annual salary came in at INR 32.89 lakhs per annum which registered a rise of 9.3% over last year, with over 70 percent of the batch securing offers above INR 30 lakhs per annum and over 92 percent in excess of INR 25 lakhs per annum. Stellar placements and a steady growth over the previous year was witnessed despite the current market scenario around tech and impending fears of recession around the world.

  • Participants in the Batch: 237
  • Number of companies participating: 63
  • Number of first-time recruiters: 33
  • Total Number of Pre-Placement Offers: 112
  • Median Salary: 32.89 LPA (9% increase compared to last year)
  • Average Salary: 33.02 LPA (3% increase compared to last year)
  • Highest Salary: 77.8 LPA (46% increase compared to last year)
SPJMR Placement Statistics-1
SPJMR Placement Statistics-2


The Programme fees for the class PGPM 2024-25 is INR 23.5 Lakhs(subject to revision)

Programme fees for the class PGPM 2024-25


  • Batch Size: 114
  • Average Work Experience: 6.3 Years
  • Female Participants: 18%
  • Male Participants: 82%
  • Average Age of the Participants: 28.8 Years
  • Education background represented in class:
  • B.E./B.Tech – 92%
  • Others – 8%
SPJIMR PGPM Class Profile


The PGPM program spans 15 months of in-class learning, followed by a three-month Industry Immersion. It lays a strong management foundation in the initial phase and delves deeply into a chosen specialization later. The program offers diverse electives and upholds academic rigor.

Specialization Options:

PGPM participants can specialize in Business Analytics, Finance, General Management, Information Management, Marketing, or Operations & Supply Chain. Specialization requires a minimum of eight credits, including five mandatory Phase I courses and three electives in Phase II/III. For instance, those specializing in Information Management must complete five core Phase I courses and three additional ones from Phases II and III.

International Immersion in PGPM:

The PGPM program features a dynamic three-week international immersion module that exposes participants to evolving global business methodologies, cross-cultural intricacies, and the significance of knowledge exchange. This segment of the program leverages partnerships with renowned international business schools, delivering participants unparalleled learning encounters on a global scale. Regularly enhanced, the module presents a tailored curriculum encompassing diverse tracks including Business Analytics, Finance, Information Management, Marketing, Operations & Supply Chain, and General Management.

International Immersion in PGPM

In essence, the PGPM program at SPJIMR stands as a testament to the institution’s commitment to providing an unparalleled educational journey. With its innovative approach to management education, strategic location offering real-world exposure, and diverse peer learning, SPJIMR creates an environment conducive to holistic growth and leadership development. The international immersion module further enhances this experience by fostering global perspectives and cross-cultural insights. As applicants embark on this transformative journey, the blend of academic rigor, practical knowledge, and industry engagement promises to equip them for success in the dynamic world of business.

FAQ about the SPJIMR PGPM: 

Q. Do I need to submit a resume, letter of recommendation, or essay with my application form? 

A. No, the application stage at SPJIMR does not require a resume and/or letter of recommendation. 

Q. Can you explain the interview process briefly? 

A. The interview process at SPJIMR consists of one case study round, followed by two rounds of personal interviews. 

Q. Which scores does the program accept? 

A. The PGPM program at SPJIMR accepts CAT and GMAT scores. 

Q. How does opting for two specializations benefit me? 

A. Opting for two specializations at SPJIMR benefits applicants as it allows for flexibility. If you are not shortlisted for your 1st preference, your application will be considered for your 2nd preference. The outcome of the first option will have no bearing on the process for considering the applicant for the second option. 

Q. Can you share the SPJIMR placement process details? 

A. Placements at SPJIMR typically begin in September every year and continue until December for a particular admission cycle. The process includes both campus and lateral hiring. 

Q. Is International Immersion optional? 

A. No, at SPJIMR, International Immersion is compulsory and part of the curriculum. The expenses for the International Immersion are included in the overall fees. 

Q. How is the teaching methodology and course structure designed for the PGPM programme? 

A. The PGPM programme at SPJIMR uses a pedagogy of learning by doing, with a focus on case studies, interactive teaching methods, and business simulations.

Q. What does the PGPM programme prepare you for?

A. The PGPM programme prepares candidates to lead larger teams and take on wider responsibilities in business. Typically, a PGPM participant moves from a limited exposure in a functional area to growing as a manager with broader knowledge, skills and the attitudes to take on larger roles. Most of the participants come from core technical backgrounds and have found the programme useful in transitioning into techno-functional and general management domains.

Q. What are the documents required while filling up the application form?

A. Proof of full-time work experience such as offer letter, salary slips and experience letters will have to be provided. Applicant will be required to submit proofs of work experience for all organisations worked with if he/she has worked in more than one organisation. Applicants who are entrepreneurs or own ventures, need to submit documents like income tax returns, incorporation certificates, registration certificates, etc. as proof of work experience. Academic qualifications as mentioned in the eligibility document will also have to be provided.

Q. Does the programme provide placement services?

A. Yes. The PGPM programme has a dedicated career services team that supports students with their placement process. The career services team provides support in both preparing the students for placements as well as soliciting participation of companies for campus placement process. Placements typically begin in September every year and go on till December.

Q. What are the facilities offered on-campus for the PGPM programme?

A. The fully wifi-enabled campus has state of the art classrooms equipped with latest technology. The students are provided spacious and hygienic air-conditioned accommodation. The campus has a comprehensive and enabling infrastructure including a library & reading room, dining facilities, gym and other recreational facilities like sports grounds, walking tracks and a music room. Medical and health care services such as doctor on call, doctor on campus, and emergency ambulance facilities are provided.

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