At Michigan Ross, the MBA journey is truly exceptional. It’s not just about acquiring new knowledge and theories; it’s about putting them into action. The dedicated professors take you on a captivating educational adventure, filled with interactive sessions, real-life simulations, and practical business challenges. Whether you prefer a traditional classroom setting, online learning, or a combination of both, you’ll emerge with cutting-edge strategies that you can apply right away. It’s a fusion of well-researched wisdom and hands-on experience.

Night view of Ross School of Business building exterior
Architectural Marvel The Ross School of Business illuminated at night

The professors at Michigan Ross are more than just educators; they are experts at transforming academic research into actionable business solutions. They tackle today’s most pressing business issues through thought-provoking articles, insightful videos, and engaging interviews with global business leaders.

Michigan Ross Executive Education is your partner in success, whether you aim to advance your career, enhance your skills, boost your team’s performance, nurture future leaders, or pursue any other career goal.

15-Month MBA Program

Michigan’s Ross School of Business hosts an immersive 15-month MBA program that offers a world-class education. While it’s not officially ranked on the Michigan Ross website, it’s still an impressive program. With an admission rate of roughly 20%, this program is a gateway to a wealth of knowledge and opportunities.

The Ross School of Business Graduates Board connects 55,000 alumni from across the globe, fostering meaningful interactions, mentorship, and networking between fellow alumni and the school.

Interior common area of Ross School of Business
The Hub of Activity Inside the Ross School of Business

Tuition fees for one year stand at $67,114 for Michigan Residents and $72,114 for Non-Michigan Residents.

International candidates with outstanding merit can benefit from various scholarships and fellowships, such as the Forte MBA Fellowship, Health Innovation Scholars Program, Yellow Ribbon Program, and The Consortium.

Class Profile

The MBA cohort at Ross is incredibly diverse, representing a wide range of industries and professional backgrounds. This diversity ensures a truly global learning experience. Students come with diverse industry experience, including Financial Services, Healthcare, Consulting, and Energy. Impressively, about 26% of the students are international, bringing a global perspective to the classroom.

Infographic of Ross MBA program student demographics
Diverse and Dynamic Student demographics of the Ross MBA Program

With an average of 5.4 years of work experience, full-time MBA students contribute richly to classroom discussions by sharing their valuable industry insights. Learning extends beyond the classroom, enriching the overall educational experience.

Ross School of Business boasts one of the best gender diversity ratios at B-schools worldwide, with 45% female representation.

The incoming class scored an average of 718 on the GMAT, with a score range of 680-760.

Admission Deadlines

MBA application deadlines for Ross School of Business 2023-2024
Key Dates for Aspirants Ross MBA application deadlines for 2023 2024

Experiential Learning Programs 

The University of Michigan’s Ross School offers various opportunities for hands-on, action-based learning through a range of courses. These courses focus on four key areas of business: launching a business concept, providing strategic advice to businesses, managing investments, and leading an existing business unit.

Placement Statistics

Within three months of graduation, an impressive 97.4% of Michigan Ross Full-Time MBA graduates secured job offers, marking a 10-year high. Even more remarkable, 98.5% of those graduates accepted these offers, showcasing the strong demand for Ross MBA talent. These graduates enjoyed a substantial median compensation package of $181,000.

Infographic showing MBA success metrics with job offers and salary
Defining Success A look at the impressive job offer rates and median salary of MBA graduates


Lets dive into the essay analysis for Michigan Ross MBA 2023-2024;

Select one prompt from each group of the two groups below. Respond to each selected prompt in 100 words or less (<100 words each; 200 words total).


I want people to know that I:

I made a difference when I:

I was aware that I was different when:


I am out of my comfort zone when:

I was humbled when:

I was challenged when: 

MBA student studying on a laptop with notes and coffee
The Study Grind An MBA student engaged in rigorous academic research

Group 1

“I want people to know that I:”

  • Express your fundamental qualities and values.
  • Highlight your unique traits or beliefs that set you apart.

“I made a difference when I:”

  • Describe a specific impact you’ve had.
  • Provide context about the situation or project.

“I was aware that I was different when:”

  • Share a personal anecdote illustrating your distinct perspective.
  • Explain the significance of this awareness.

Group 2

“I am out of my comfort zone when:”

  • Discuss a situation that pushed your boundaries.
  • Explain how this experience influenced you.

“I was humbled when:”

  • Describe an instance where you learned humility.
  • Reflect on the lessons you gained from this humbling experience.

“I was challenged when:”

  • Detail a significant obstacle or hardship you faced.
  • Emphasize how this challenge shaped your character or decisions.
Young student studying at home with textbooks and notes
Foundation for the Future A young students dedication to at home learning

Pick one thing from your resume and tell us more. (100 words)


  1. Select an Appropriate Experience: Choose a specific experience from your resume that’s relevant to your MBA application and aligns with the values and culture of Michigan Ross.
  2. Brief Introduction: Begin with a concise introduction to the experience, such as where and when it occurred and your role in it.
  3. Highlight Your Contribution: Discuss your active role and responsibilities within this experience, emphasizing leadership, problem-solving, or other valuable skills.
  4. Connect to Your Goals: Relate the experience to your future goals and explain how it has shaped your aspirations or skills needed for your MBA journey.
  5. Michigan Ross Connection: Show how this experience reflects your fit with the Michigan Ross program’s values and how you plan to contribute to the Ross community.
  6. Conclude Concisely: Summarize the significance of this experience in just a sentence or two.

This essay should be succinct but still provide a clear and compelling insight into your experiences and how they relate to your MBA goals and the Ross program.

MBA student contemplating while studying at a desk
In Pursuit of Knowledge An MBA student deeply engaged in problem solving

Michigan Ross Career Goal Short Answer

What is your short-term career goal? (25 words) Why is this the right short-term career goal for you? (150 words)

Essay Topic: Michigan Ross Career Goal Short Answer

  1. Define Your Short-Term Career Goal (25 words):
    • Clearly state your immediate career objective.
    • Use concise language to describe your target role or industry.
  2. Explain the Relevance (150 words):
    • Describe how your short-term goal aligns with your skills, experiences, and passions.
    • Highlight any previous experiences that have prepared you for this goal.
    • Discuss the specific aspects of the Ross MBA program that make it suitable for achieving this goal.
    • Connect your goal to your long-term aspirations, showcasing how it’s a stepping stone.

Remember to be succinct and to the point, focusing on the ‘why’ behind your career goal and its alignment with your background and the Ross MBA program.

MBA students interacting in a classroom with a professor
Interactive Learning MBA students and a professor in an engaging classroom discussion


Optional statement: Is there something in your resume or application that could use some explanation? You might want to discuss the completion of supplemental coursework, employment gaps, academic issues, etc. Feel free to use bullet points where appropriate.

The optional statement for Michigan Ross MBA allows you to provide additional context or address any weaknesses in your application. Here’s a blueprint for this essay:

  1. Introduction
    • Briefly introduce the purpose of the optional statement.
  2. Explanation of the Issue
    • Clearly state the specific issue or aspect of your application you want to address (e.g., employment gap, low GPA, etc.).
  3. Supplemental Coursework or Skill Enhancement
    • If you took supplemental coursework or engaged in skill-building, explain what you studied and why it was necessary.
    • Highlight how this additional coursework has prepared you for success in the MBA program.
  4. Employment Gap
    • If there was an employment gap in your resume, provide a concise reason for it.
    • Emphasize any activities or experiences during the gap that are relevant to your MBA goals.
  5. Academic Issues
    • If you had academic issues, briefly discuss them.
    • Explain any steps you’ve taken to address these issues and show improvement.
  6. Concluding Statement
    • Summarize your key points and reiterate your commitment to success in the Michigan Ross MBA program.
  7. Optional Bullet Points
    • Use bullet points sparingly to list specific details or accomplishments related to the issue you’re addressing.

Remember to keep the essay concise and focused on the issue you’re explaining. This essay is an opportunity to provide context and demonstrate your ability to overcome challenges and grow.

MBA graduation ceremony with graduates in an auditorium
A Momentous Occasion MBA graduates during the commencement ceremony in the grand auditorium

In conclusion, the Ross MBA experience at the University of Michigan is a transformative journey that transcends conventional learning. From hands-on, action-based education to world-class faculty translating research into practical solutions, this program equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape. The diversity of the cohort, gender balance, and strong placement statistics all contribute to the program’s appeal.

With a commitment to excellence and a global perspective, Michigan Ross is a place where ambitious professionals can reach new heights in their careers. The 15-month MBA program, though not officially ranked, offers immense value and opportunities, making it a compelling choice for those seeking a rich and rewarding educational experience.


1. What makes the Ross MBA program unique?

The Ross MBA program distinguishes itself through its action-based learning approach, expert faculty who bridge academic research and real-world application, and a diverse cohort representing a wide range of industries and backgrounds. These elements combine to create a holistic and dynamic learning environment.

2. Are scholarships available for international candidates?

Yes, Michigan Ross offers generous scholarships and fellowships for outstanding international candidates on a merit basis. These include options like the Forte MBA Fellowship, Health Innovation Scholars Program, Yellow Ribbon Program, and The Consortium.

3. What is the admission rate for the Ross MBA program?

The program typically admits around 20% of applicants.

4. Can you tell me more about the alumni network at Ross?

The Ross School of Business Graduates Board consists of 55,000 alumni from around the world, dedicated to fostering connections, mentorship, and networking between alumni and the school. It’s a valuable resource for current students and a testament to the program’s strong network.

5. What kind of industry experience can I expect in the MBA cohort?

The cohort represents a diverse array of industry backgrounds, including Financial Services, Healthcare, Consulting, and Energy. About 26% of students are international, ensuring a global perspective in the classroom.

6. What are the placement statistics for Ross MBA graduates?

Within three months of graduation, 97.4% of Ross MBA graduates received job offers, marking a 10-year high. Additionally, 98.5% of these graduates accepted these offers, and they enjoyed a median compensation package of $181,000, with a 6% increase over the Class of 2023. These statistics reflect the strong demand for Ross MBA talent in the job market.

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