In the dynamic realm of Indian business education, where thousands of institutions vie for recognition, a beacon of consistent excellence has shone through since 1998. From its inception, NMIMS School of Business Management (SBM) in Mumbai has etched its name among the coveted top 10 B-Schools in India, a distinction held steady despite the meteoric rise in the number of business schools across the country – from a mere 150 in 1998 to a staggering 4,000 by 2017.

More than just a B-School, NMIMS SBM is a legacy, a harbinger of leadership and innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of management education. Over the past four decades, this esteemed institution has been more than just a place of learning; it has been a crucible for crafting business leaders, nurturing entrepreneurs, and generating intellectual capital that resonates with stakeholders.

Holding true to its values, NMIMS SBM has consistently upheld its mission, evolving over time to align its various functions with its overarching goals. This mission-driven approach has not only fueled its remarkable journey but has also catalyzed its strategic growth, ensuring that every facet of the institution contributes purposefully toward realizing its mission.

As we delve into the narrative of NMIMS SBM, we uncover a saga of resilience, innovation, and unwavering commitment to excellence. Join us on this exploration of an institution that has not only stood the test of time but has triumphed as a lighthouse of exceptional business education in India.

NMIMS University Building Front View
Front view of the NMIMS University Building


The Master of Business Administration program at NMIMS Deemed-to-be University, Mumbai, is a robust two-year full-time endeavor spanning six trimesters. As the flagship offering of the esteemed School of Business Management, it boasts a legacy that stretches beyond 41 years. This program has consistently garnered high esteem within the corporate realm, reflected in its strong credibility. Notably, a significant number of our alumni have ascended to influential leadership positions in corporate hierarchies, while others have charted successful paths as enterprising entrepreneurs.

NMIMs Glass Building Cityscape
NMIMs Glass Building Cityscape


The MBA journey commences with a comprehensive two-week foundation program, a vital step that primes students for the challenges ahead. This immersive experience employs case-based learning methodologies and introduces pivotal concepts that lay a robust groundwork for the MBA curriculum. Beyond fundamental subjects such as Accounting, Statistics, Business Mathematics, and Spreadsheet Modelling, students are also exposed to the dynamics of social media and the significance of business etiquette.

Structured Learning Over Two Years:

The MBA program unfolds over a span of two years, meticulously divided into six trimesters, each spanning approximately eleven weeks. This well-structured format ensures a balanced and in-depth coverage of the curriculum, fostering a holistic learning experience.

First Year: Building the Core:

The initial year, encompassing three trimesters, is dedicated to building a strong foundational knowledge. Compulsory courses span diverse areas including Marketing, Finance, Operations and Decision Sciences, Economics, Human Resources and Behavioural Sciences, Communications, and Strategy. In the third trimester, a limited range of electives is introduced, providing students the chance to explore diverse interests before delving into specialization.

Second Year: Pathways and Exploration:

The second year heralds an array of possibilities with over 140 electives spanning diverse domains. Alongside a selection of compulsory courses, students have the freedom to choose electives aligned with their individual inclinations. Collaborative partnerships with industry leaders like Google, Cognizant Business Consulting, Ernst and Young, and Lowe Lintas offer exclusive electives, enriching the learning landscape.

Beyond the Curriculum: Enriching the Experience:

Beyond credit courses, students have the opportunity to partake in audit courses, seminars, and specialized workshops that cater to unique needs and interests, enhancing their academic journey.

Practical Exposure: Bridging Theory and Practice:

To bridge the gap between academia and industry, students embark on a six to eight-week long summer internship program. Situated between the first and second year, this practical stint entails a live project within a corporate organization, offering invaluable real-world experience.

In this structured curriculum, NMIMS ensures a holistic and enriching MBA experience, laying the foundation for proficient leaders prepared to navigate the challenges of the dynamic business world.

Lecture in Auditorium with Engaged Attendees
NMIMS Lecture Auditorium Presentation


Prospective candidates seeking admission to the prestigious program must meet the following eligibility criteria:

Educational Qualification: The candidate must hold a Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline from a recognized University. It is essential to have achieved a minimum of 50% marks in the aggregate. This academic benchmark ensures a solid foundational understanding that aligns with the program’s rigorous curriculum.

Work Experience: A minimum of 2 years of work experience is required to be considered for admission. This criterion acknowledges the value of practical insights that professionals bring to the learning environment, enriching discussions and interactions among peers.

NMAT Scores: Valid NMAT scores play a pivotal role in the selection process. The candidate’s performance in the NMAT exam provides an indication of their aptitude and readiness for the program. It ensures that those admitted possess the necessary potential to excel in the dynamic learning atmosphere.

The eligibility criteria are thoughtfully designed to ensure that admitted candidates possess a robust academic foundation, relevant work experience, and the ability to contribute effectively to the vibrant academic community and the broader business landscape.


Step 1: Registration at NMAT by GMAC™: Visit to register online and

complete the registration process by paying the registration fee. Please remember your NMAT by

GMAC™ registration number. It is mandatory to complete the NMAT by GMAC™ test

registration and payment before proceeding fortheNMIMS application.

Step 2: Registration at NMIMS: Visit and enter your NMAT by GMAC™

registration number. and complete the application process. Without the registration number, you will not be able to fill up NMIMS application form. Complete the application process by paying the registration fees (as applicable). The registration fee is non-refundable. Candidates have to register only once and the main application scores will be used for the further selection process

The admission process may include a psychometric test or a Written Analytical test, followed by a personal interview. Further details will be provided in due course. This process will be conducted offline. Please ensure you have your NMAT by GMAC scorecard with you.


• 10th Mark sheet & Passing Certificate

• 12th Mark sheet & Passing Certificate

• Degree Mark sheet (for 1,2,3,4 ……… years), separately for each semester/ trimester. Only if separate mark sheets are not issued by the University / Institute consolidated mark sheets will be accepted.

• Degree Certificate

• Provisional Degree certificate/ Passing Certificate

• AIU Certificate (University Equivalence) is mandatory for those candidates who have

completed their graduation from Overseas Universities.

• MigrationCertificate

• EligibilityCertificate (if required)

• Work Experience Certificate

• Medical FitnessCertificate (In Originalsigned by registered medical Practitioner)

• Mediclaim Policy

At the time of admissions self-attested photocopies are to be uploaded and original/s documents will be required for verification during program commencement. The original/s documents are to be submitted by stipulated dates (as applicable).


Infographic showing the batch profile of NMIMS Mumbai's MBA Core program for 2021-22, detailing work experience, experience background, educational background, gender diversity, average work experience, average age, professional certifications, and geographic diversity.
NMIMS Mumbai MBA Core Batch Profile 2021 22 Infographic


The placements scenario at NMIMS for the graduating batch of 2023 for both MBA Core and MBA HR has been truly remarkable. With active involvement from over 175 esteemed recruiters, the placement process has been a testament to the strong industry ties that NMIMS maintains.

What adds an extra shine to this achievement is that more than a third of the batch received pre-placement offers, underscoring the high regard and trust that the corporate world places in NMIMS graduates. These early offers not only reflect the quality of education imparted but also the strategic relevance of NMIMS graduates in the professional landscape.

The graduating batch of 2023 witnessed a diverse array of job offers, spanning various profiles and business functions. From core management roles to specialized HR positions, the placements were a testament to the versatility and competency of NMIMS students. This not only highlights the holistic nature of the education imparted but also showcases the industry readiness and adaptability of the students.

The placements success at NMIMS goes beyond mere numbers; it signifies the culmination of rigorous learning, practical exposure, and the nurturing of skills that make NMIMS graduates valuable assets in the corporate world.

The institute saw the highest salary touch 67.80 lakhs, increasing by nearly 18% over the previous year. The average salary increased by 15%, standing at 26.63 lakhs. 148 companies, including leading brands including Microsoft, Google, TAS, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Salesforce, Samsung, ITC, Accenture, and IBM (amongst many others) participated in the placements process at NMIMS. 

Infographic detailing placement statistics, showcasing average CTC, percentage of placements through PPOs, total number of recruiters, and highest CTC across various domains like finance, general management, marketing, and operations & data science.
NMIMS Placement Statistics and Top Recruiters Infographic


The fee structure for the academic year 2023-2024 will be communicated through the offer letter. For the academic year 2022-2023, the fees for the MBA  amounted to Rs. 11,95,000.

Cancellation and Withdrawal of Admission – 

In the event of a voluntary withdrawal or cancellation of admission for any reason, candidates are advised to follow the stipulated process. This can be done through the online admission cancellation process available on the NMIMS website at:

Understanding the fee structure and the associated procedures ensures a transparent and informed approach to the admission process. We encourage candidates to refer to the official NMIMS website for any updates or changes regarding fees and related matters.

Business students in formal attire engaging in discussions at NMIMS
Networking Session among Business Students

For those embarking on the path of management education, NMIMS School of Business Management emerges as an emblem of excellence. With a legacy spanning over four decades and a steadfast position among the top B-Schools in India, NMIMS promises an immersive experience that nurtures the leaders of tomorrow.

Warmest wishes for an enriching academic and professional journey. For any queries or assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out. 

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