The student-centered approach of the McGill MBA program enables students to complete their degree within flexible timeframes of 12, 16, 20, or 28 months. The standard full-time MBA program at McGill’s Desautels Faculty of Management comprises a cohort of 65-85 students, boasting an average GMAT score of 675. McGill University is a renowned Canadian institution for higher education, globally recognized as one of the leading universities. Situated at the heart of Montreal, a prominent hub for students in Canada and a top-20 global city, McGill’s Desautels Faculty of Management holds accreditation from the European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS). According to the QS World University Rankings 2022, the McGill Master of Business Administration (MBA) secured the third position in Canada.

McGill Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The Full-time MBA Program 

Geared towards mid-career individuals aiming to elevate their leadership roles within their current business sphere or those seeking to embark on a fresh career journey in a different country, the full-time McGill MBA program caters to diverse aspirations.

McGill students have the option to choose between two program tracks: the 48-credit (MBA General) and the 54-credit (MBA Internship) programs. The distinction in credits corresponds to the duration of the internship component. The 48-credit curriculum can be fulfilled within a year. On the other hand, the 54-credit program spans 20 months for completion, although some students manage to finish it in 16 months.

The MBA program grants students the flexibility to personalize their MBA journey and achieve their degree at their preferred pace.

At McGill University, the Soutar Career Centre delivers individualized career coaching, tailoring it to each student’s career preparation and strategic planning. In addition to assisting students in interview readiness and coordinating recruitment events, the Soutar Career Centre also assumes a pivotal role in the admissions process by supplying evaluations for non-traditional candidates.

Participation in the internship and exchange program demands application and involvement in the selection process for McGill MBA students.

To ensure uniform proficiency in fundamental quantitative skills among all admitted candidates to the MBA program, McGill University mandates a mandatory two-week Base Camp course. This course commences a few weeks before the orientation, aiming to bring all students to an equal competency level.

McGill MBA Class Profile

The McGill MBA program has a close-knit class of 65 to 85 students from a diverse background.

Over 60% of MBA students at McGill are international students representing more than 30 countries. The image and table represent the typical class profile of the program.

McGill University MBA Class Profile

Eligibility Criteria:

As discussed previously, there are various components that McGill evaluates during the admissions of its MBA program. McGill looks at the overall profile of a candidate; thus, each element of the McGill online application form is essential. To apply for the McGill MBA class of 2024, you should fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

  • You should have an undergraduate degree or any equivalent degree in other disciplines
  • Minimum 2 years of work experience after your undergraduate degree
  • TOEFL or IETLS score
  • GMAT or GRE score

Apart from the above documents to prove your eligibility for the McGill MBA program, you also need to submit the below documents:

  • Two letters of recommendations
  • Updated CV
  • Three Essay questions : find the essay analysis here

Admissions Process

The admissions process for the McGill MBA consists of three steps:

  1. Download the MBA online Application(uApply): For the first step, you need to download the online application and make an account. After making an account, you need to mention your details with your education history.

Before applying, a non-refundable fee of $5,000 is payable, and once the application is received, McGill sents an email with your ID number.

  1. Uploading supporting documents: All the supporting documents need to be uploaded directly to uApply, in a PDF format which includes:
    • Essays 
    • Reference letters: Two recommendation letters with the names and email addresses of professionals who were directly responsible for your evaluation needs to be submitted. McGill will automatically contact them and ask them to upload the references.
    • Transcripts: All the transcripts related to your education should be uploaded.
    • GMAT and TOEFL results: You can directly send the results of your GMAT exams to McGill University by putting the institution code: 0935. Similarly, for TOEFL results, the department code is “02,” and the code is: “0935.”
    • An online survey regarding the McGill Admissions process also needs to be submitted.
  2. Once the university receives the application, shortlisted candidates are invited for an interview, after which it takes up to four weeks for the final decision.
McGill MBA Program: The Statistics

The tuition fee for McGill’s MBA program is CAD 101,500. The living expenses per year are estimated at CAD $24,000 CAD

McGill offers many awards and fellowships for international students such as

  1. Adam Dinkes MBA Leadership Award
  2. Dominic K.M. Lai MBA Fellowship
  3. Scotiabank Fellowships
  4. Samer Bekai-Saab MBA Entrance Fellowship
  5. Herschorn H E Graduate Award
  6. Kelly Family MBA Leadership Award
  7. Scott McDonald MBA Leadership Award
McGill University's Fellowships

Course Curriculum

McGill University’s Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship serves as the institution’s focal point for entrepreneurship. It collaborates with 11 colleges to offer top-notch programs tailored to businesses in various stages of growth, from conception to being investment-ready. Since 1988, the Centre has played a pivotal role in establishing over 450 operational companies, resulting in the employment of more than 6,000 individuals. The cumulative funding secured by entrepreneurs aided by the Centre has now exceeded $1 billion. McGill University is recognized by Pitchbook Universities 2020 Ranking as the leading Canadian university in generating successful Female Founders and holds the second position for fostering competitive startup Founders overall.


Career Advisors and Coaches

There are numerous full-time career coaches in the Desautels MBA program. Students are allocated a coach at the start of the program and begin working with their coach right away to create a clear picture of their skills and goal career path. Coaches continue to interact with students throughout the program, assisting with essential professional development curriculum learnings and offering individualized feedback and encouragement.

Stream Advisors

Students have access to outside oriented stream advisors in multiple functional areas, in addition to their full-time coaches: Corporate Strategy and Consulting, Marketing, Business Analytics/Technology, and Finance. Stream advisers spend a significant amount of time connecting with companies in order to better understand their employment requirements and industry trends. Stream advisers provide this information to Desautels Career Management and consult with students directly to enhance their professional preparation and job search plan.

Professional Development Programming

Desautels Career Management has created and executed a complete MBA professional development program that includes psychometric testing, skill-building seminars, and online resources, all of which are reinforced and supported by one-on-one coaching.

Curriculum elements include: 

  • Self-awareness and strengths-based psychometric assessments
  • Industry and functional overviews
  • Tools and resources for identifying target career paths
  • Job search process training and resources
  • Skills-based workshops such as Excel, resume, cover letter, interview preparation, building relationships, personal branding, structured thinking and communication, etc.
  • Multiple rounds of mock interview practice
  • Cultural adaptation workshops for international students

Aside from the basic curriculum, Career Management provides a 5-day Consulting Career Prep Program, a series of interactive business analytics workshops and an Analytics Ambassador program, and a series of specialized finance seminars in cooperation with the highly acclaimed Marquee Group.

The Desautels MBA Mentoring Program

The Desautels MBA Mentoring Program at McGill provides mentoring connections, learning activities, and networking opportunities to mentees (students). This allows students to have meaningful discussions with mid- to senior-level business professionals, which will help them use their MBA experience in the workplace.

McGill MBA Full-Time Employment Statistics

McGill MBA Full-Time Employment Statistics for 2023 are yet to be declared, the above statistics are from twenty twenty two.

Professional Management at McGill’s Desautels, located at the Soutar Career Centre, is committed to assisting students in developing their talents and exploring career choices that would allow them to finally accomplish their career goals. Innovative programs, workshops, and lecture series, along with an integrated learning approach, train and equip students to make a difference in their jobs for the rest of their lives.

Professional Management at McGill's Desautels

McGill MBA Admission Deadlines for 2024

Application deadlines for McGill’s MBA program for the academic year 2023-2024 are:

Round 1: November 1, 2023

Round 2: January 15, 2024

Round 3: March 15, 2024

Round 4 (Only for Domestic Applicants): May 1, 2024

Please be aware that McGill MBA applications received after the specified deadlines will not be considered. Hence, it’s vital to strategize your application process and ensure timely submission.


1. What is the reputation of McGill University’s MBA program? McGill University’s MBA program, offered by the Desautels Faculty of Management, has a strong global reputation. It’s consistently ranked among the top business schools worldwide. Its emphasis on rigorous academics, diverse student body, and strong industry connections contribute to its esteemed standing.

2. What are the admission requirements for McGill’s MBA program? Admission requirements vary, but generally, applicants need a bachelor’s degree, GMAT/GRE scores, professional experience, strong references, and English language proficiency (for non-native English speakers). The admissions committee also evaluates applicants based on their leadership potential, academic achievements, and motivation for pursuing an MBA.

3. Can I pursue a specialization within the MBA program? Yes, McGill offers specialized tracks within its MBA program, such as Finance, Marketing, Strategy & Innovation, and Global Strategy & Leadership. These tracks allow you to focus on your area of interest and gain expertise in a specific business field.

4. What experiential learning opportunities are available? McGill’s MBA program emphasizes experiential learning through consulting projects, case competitions, internships, and real-world business challenges. These opportunities provide practical experience, networking, and skill development.

5. How is the faculty at Desautels Faculty of Management? The faculty at Desautels consists of renowned scholars, experienced industry professionals, and experts in various business disciplines. They bring a wealth of academic and practical knowledge to the classroom, enhancing the learning experience.

MBA at McGill University's Desautels Faculty of Management

In conclusion, pursuing an MBA at McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management can be a transformative educational journey. With its stellar reputation, diverse student community, and emphasis on experiential learning, McGill’s MBA program equips students with the skills, knowledge, and connections needed to excel in the competitive business landscape. Whether you’re looking to advance your career, switch industries, or start your own venture, McGill’s MBA program provides a solid foundation for achieving your professional goals. Don’t miss the chance to be part of a globally respected institution that fosters innovation, leadership, and academic excellence.

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