Embarking on a transformative journey towards personal and professional growth, individuals seeking to enhance their business acumen and global network often choose the prestigious London Business School (LBS) MBA program. With a vision to empower aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs, LBS offers a customized two-year program that paves the way for academic excellence and lifelong connections.

At LBS, the pursuit of knowledge extends beyond the classroom, encouraging students to challenge conventional thinking and cultivate critical leadership and management skills. This blog explores the essence of the London Business School MBA, delving into the unique features that set it apart and highlighting the benefits and process of joining this renowned institution.

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The London Business School MBA program opens doors to a world of opportunities, but to embark on this transformative journey, meeting certain admission criteria is essential.

  • Visa Requirements: Depending on your nationality, if you are admitted to the London Business School and belong to the European Economic Area (EEA), Switzerland, or a non-EEA nation, you may need a visa to study in the UK.
  • Completed Online Application Form: The application process begins with completing the online application form, which is designed to be filled in over several sessions, allowing you to save your progress and submit the completed form when you are ready.
  • Application Essays: Crafting impactful essays is a crucial part of the application process. LBS seeks insight into your post-MBA goals and how your past experiences, combined with the London Business School program, will contribute to achieving these objectives. Additionally, there’s an optional essay where you can share any other pertinent information about yourself and your application.
  • One-Page CV: A concise, one-page CV showcasing your professional history is required as part of the application. Additionally, if there are significant gaps in your employment history, providing reasons on a separate sheet is encouraged.
  • Referee Details: You are required to nominate a referee who can vouch for your capabilities and potential. This could be your current employer or a colleague who knows you well in a work context. London Business School may contact your referee for further insights into your application.
  • GMAT/GRE Score: A valid GMAT score is mandatory before submitting your application. LBS also accepts GRE scores. You will need to provide the official test taker copy of your score along with your application. In some cases, the Admissions Committee may request a GMAT retake before extending an offer.
  • Proof of English Language Ability: For non-native English speakers or those who have not been studying or residing in an English-speaking environment, providing proof of English language proficiency is essential. This can be demonstrated through tests like IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge CPE, CAE, or PTE Academic.
  • Application Fee: An application fee of £200 is required, payable by credit card during the application submission. The application will only be considered complete upon receipt of this fee.
  • University Transcripts: Submitting transcripts of grades from all universities attended is mandatory if an offer is made. These transcripts must also be translated into English by a certified translator if they are not already in English.

Meeting these stringent admission requirements at the London Business School is the first significant step towards a transformative MBA journey. Each criterion plays a crucial role in evaluating your candidacy, ensuring that those admitted possess the qualities and dedication to thrive in the dynamic realm of business and leadership.



The essay section of the London Business School (LBS) application is a pivotal element that allows candidates to articulate their aspirations, experiences, and motivations. Let’s delve into each essay prompt, offering insights into how best to approach them:

Question 1: (500 words)

What are your post-MBA goals, and how will your prior experience and the London Business School program contribute towards these?

This question seeks to understand your ambitions and how an MBA from London Business School aligns with and enhances your career objectives. Here’s a structured approach to tackle it:

  • Clarify Your Post-MBA Goals: Begin by clearly outlining your short-term and long-term goals. Explain the industry, role, and impact you aspire to achieve. Showcase your passion and purpose behind these goals.
  • Connect with Your Past Experience: Demonstrate how your previous experiences, academic or professional, have prepared you for these goals. Highlight relevant skills, achievements, and knowledge gained. Showcase the transferrable skills that position you favorably for your target roles.
  • Link to LBS’s Offering: Detail how specific resources, programs, and opportunities at LBS will help bridge the gap between your current standing and your future goals. Mention unique aspects of the LBS curriculum, faculty, clubs, or networking events that align with your ambitions.
  • Demonstrate Research and Fit: Show that your goals resonate with LBS’s values, culture, and strengths. Explain why LBS is the ideal institution to help you achieve your goals and how you intend to contribute to the LBS community.

Question 2: (500 words) Optional

Is there any other information you believe the Admissions Committee should know about you and your application to London Business School?

While optional, this question offers an excellent opportunity to provide additional context or information that complements your application. Here’s how to approach it:

  • Explain Unique Circumstances: If you have faced challenges or unique circumstances that have impacted your academic or professional journey, this is the place to address them. Be transparent and explain how you have overcome these challenges.
  • Highlight Achievements and Skills: Emphasize any achievements, awards, or skills not covered in other parts of the application. Provide evidence of your strengths and capabilities that make you a valuable asset to the LBS community.
  • Reiterate Passion for LBS: Reinforce your enthusiasm for LBS and how you foresee leveraging the unique LBS experience to contribute both within and beyond the academic realm.

These essay prompts offer a platform to showcase your motivations, experiences, and alignment with London Business School. A well-crafted response not only elucidates your goals and potential contributions but also conveys your understanding of LBS and its transformative role in your professional journey. Approach these essays thoughtfully, leveraging them as an opportunity to present a comprehensive and authentic narrative.

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LBS MBA 2023 Class Profile



The London Business School curriculum is spread out across the two years of the program, 

with the first year divided into three academic terms. Term one lasts from August to December, term two begins in January and ends in March, and term three is from April to June.

The first year of the program is dedicated primarily to LBS’s core coursework. Students take several classes in business fundamentals, including subjects such as strategy, marketing, and operations management.

The second year of the program is entirely customizable, right upto the exit date, which can mean that the program lasts anywhere between 15 to 21 months. 

Some of the core components can be selected from a range of topics in the “tailored core” part of the curriculum. Topics that are part of the tailored core include Digital Strategy, Value Chain Management, Global Economic Analysis, and Business Analytics. 

As part of the LBS elective curriculum, students make their selection out of 80 available courses. You can take classes in subjects ranging from Accounting to Organisational Behavior.

Immersive Learning at London Business School: Hands-on and Impactful

London Business School (LBS) goes beyond traditional learning, offering enriching experiences that amplify knowledge and cultivate vital skills. Here’s a glimpse into these experiential ventures:

Global Experiential Courses:

The Global Experience courses challenge students to apply their learning in diverse global contexts for real-world impact. Led by expert faculty, these intensive weeks in vibrant cities like Johannesburg and Paris provide in-depth insights into business cultures, fostering meaningful interactions and lasting connections within the LBS global community.

LondonCAP – Engaging with London’s Dynamism:

LondonCAP, leveraging LBS’s prime London location, lets students create value for organizations in the city. Through extended group projects and collaboration with businesses, students hone their skills, extend their networks, and make a tangible impact in the heart of London.

London Projects – Bridging Theory and Practice:

London Projects enable Early Career and MBA students to integrate learning with real-world impact by working on live strategic business problems with London-based companies. These collaborations with leading organizations add substantial value to both students and the businesses involved.

Student-Led Learning: Fostering Leadership and Initiative:

LBS cultivates a culture of student-led learning, empowering students to take leadership roles within various student clubs. The Student Leadership Incubator complements their journey, encouraging them to rise to challenges with expert faculty support and coaching, preparing them for future leadership roles.

At LBS, immersive, hands-on experiences are central, providing students with opportunities for growth, learning, and impactful contributions to the business world.



The tuition fees for the 2023 MBA intake stand at £109,700. Importantly, this tuition fee encompasses the entire 15-21 month program, irrespective of the chosen exit point during the course of the program. This offers students a transparent view of the financial commitment for their MBA journey.

Understanding the Tuition Fee:

Tuition fees: The tuition fee of £109,700 covers the entirety of the MBA program, ensuring that students have access to all the academic, extracurricular, and career development opportunities offered by LBS throughout their time at the institution.

Flexible Experience, Flexible Costs: While the tuition fee is inclusive, it is important to note that program-related travel expenses are not covered. This offers students the flexibility to tailor their experiences and manage associated costs. For instance, the various Global Experiences may have varying travel and accommodation expenses depending on the chosen location, allowing students to plan accordingly.

Student Association Fee: In addition to the school fees, there is a Student Association Fee of £300. This fee covers the Student Association (SA) subscription, granting students access to a vibrant and engaging community at LBS, enriching their overall student experience.


LBS is committed to attracting and supporting the brightest talent from diverse backgrounds. To facilitate this, the institution offers a growing portfolio of scholarships. These scholarships are designed to recognize exceptional achievements, leadership potential, and the unique contributions that students bring to the LBS community. The availability and specifics of scholarships may vary, and prospective students are encouraged to explore the options available to them. You can read more on scholarships here.



At London Business School (LBS), fostering successful careers is as paramount as academic excellence. The institution places a strong emphasis on empowering students to develop proactive career management skills, behaviors, and strategies. The dedicated Career Centre stands as a cornerstone in this mission, offering comprehensive support to guide students along their career journeys.

Comprehensive Career Support:

1. Career Coaching and Advising: The Career Centre provides personalized career coaching and advising sessions, offering a platform to discuss a wide array of career-related topics. Coaches collaborate with students to define their career direction, ensuring a focused approach towards their professional goals. Furthermore, sector advisors provide specialized advice, enabling students to deepen their research and stay updated with current market trends in their chosen sectors.

2. Career Learning: LBS presents a dynamic blend of digital and in-person curricula designed to elevate students’ career skills to the next level across vital development areas. This holistic approach equips students with the knowledge, insights, and competencies necessary to thrive in their chosen career paths.

3. Abundant Career Opportunities: LBS facilitates access to a plethora of career and networking opportunities, hosting over 200 employer events annually. These events serve as an avenue for students to interact with potential employers, industry professionals, and alumni, providing invaluable insights into various sectors and establishing vital connections for their future endeavors.


Placement Record – 

  • Placement Rates: London Business School consistently achieves impressive placement rates for its graduates, showcasing the success of its career support initiatives. A substantial percentage of graduates secure job offers within a few months of graduation.
  • Diverse Industry Placements: LBS alumni have made their mark across diverse industries, including finance, consulting, technology, healthcare, consumer goods, and more. This diversity underscores the versatile and comprehensive nature of the career guidance offered at LBS.
  • Alumni Network: LBS boasts an extensive and influential global alumni network. Graduates have access to this network, enabling them to tap into a wealth of professional opportunities, mentorship, and industry insights.
LBS MBA 2022 Stats

By providing robust career support through coaching, a tailored curriculum, and a plethora of networking opportunities, London Business School ensures that its graduates are not only academically proficient but also equipped with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to thrive in the competitive landscape of the professional world. The institution’s commitment to nurturing career success makes it a preferred choice for those aspiring to make a meaningful impact in their chosen fields.

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In conclusion, London Business School’s MBA program stands as a beacon of academic excellence and professional transformation. From its immersive global experiences to robust career support and a dynamic curriculum, LBS shapes future leaders ready to navigate the ever-evolving business landscape.

For guidance and assistance with your application and essays, consider reaching out to Strategy4GMAT, where expert advice and support await to help you craft a compelling application and embark on your LBS MBA journey with confidence. Your future in business begins here.

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