Almost all the topics we’d cover in the Know Your B-school Series would focus on what the class can professionally gain from the ISB experience. This one is about the joy of giving back and making the day for someone else- the underprivileged children- Bandhan.

Every 15th August, the school hosts over 200 children from several selected NGOs and schools for a day of fun and learning at both the campuses. This annual flagship event is organized by the Net Impact Club and aims to drive change and social impact.

As a lead-up to the event, workshops on dancing, painting, public speaking, art & craft, etc, are organized on 4-5 weekends by the PGP students for the children. The children then perform and showcase their skills in front of a live audience on the event day.
The day starts with dividing the children into 4-5 batches and a series of events are run in parallel by the batch leaders (PGP students). Seeing the sheer joy on the faces of the kids at the end is a feeling which cannot be matched by even a Mckinsey offer! The campus lights up with the laughter and fun the kids and students have during the day.

The preparation for the event starts a number of weeks in advance by the organizing team, usually led by someone from the Net Impact Club. The organizing core team starts marketing the event to gather donations and invite volunteers to manage the event on d-day. Almost all the social clubs- dance, music, quiz, sports, etc, help in conducting the workshops and the event. Hence, it is a massive exercise (and a fulfilling one) for the core team to coordinate with the schools, volunteers, clubs and various departments at ISB to make the event a great success, which it usually is every year.

The impact of the event can be summed up with the comment from one of the teachers accompanying the children ‘We come to ISB every year with our children for Bandhan. It has brought aspiration and hopes into these children, motivated them to rise through their challenges and achieve success through education. Many of my students aspire to be at ISB someday.’

For your essays: If you are truly passionate about the cause, then you could mention about either leading the Net Impact Club or being the Lead Coordinator for Bandhan. Expect questions in the interview around how you would go about it or your knowledge of the event.

Alum Speak‘One of the best days at ISB. I was part of the logistics team on the day and every second spent there was very fulfilling. Made me realize that fretting of low grades and assignments is nothing compared to what the kids go through each day of their lives’ Anurag Vengaveti, Consultant Strategy4GMAT and an ISB alumus

Bandhan ISB Class of 2016

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