ISB PGP: The Indian School of Business (ISB), a leading B-school globally, is now accepting applications for their Post Graduate Programme (PGP) for the 2025 intake. ISB enrols almost 820 students annually across its Hyderabad and Mohali campuses, with a 600:300 split for the PGP program.

The application portal is officially open for the 2025 intake! The Round 1 deadline is confirmed as September 15, 2024. Although Rounds 2 and 3 details are yet to be announced, based on past trends, we can expect them to be around November 2024 and January 2025, respectively.

Get ready to take your career to the next level! This blog will guide you through everything you need about the ISB PGP 2025 application process. Stay tuned for deadlines, application tips, essay insights, and more!

ISB PGP 2025 Application Deadlines

<strong>ISB PGP 2025 Application Deadlines<strong>

The Indian School of Business (ISB) offers a prestigious Post Graduate Programme (PGP) in Management. It is designed to equip aspiring business leaders with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the global marketplace. If you aim to secure a spot in the PGP 2025 batch, familiarizing yourself with the application deadlines is crucial. This section will guide you through the key dates for each application round, ensuring you submit your application well within the timeframe.

Application Deadline15 September 2024November 2024 (tentative)January 2025 (tentative)
Interview Timelines (tentative)September through November
Those shortlisted will be informed FIVE days before the interview date
October through February
Those shortlisted will be informed FIVE days before the interview date
February through March
Those shortlisted will be informed FIVE days before the interview date
Final Results (including those not shortlisted)November 2024January 2025March 2025
Acceptance Due Date10 days from the offer date5 days from the offer date5 days from offer date
Fee payment dateAs mentioned in the admission offer letterAs mentioned in the admission offer letterAs mentioned in the admission offer letter

ISB PGP 2025 Eligibility Criteria

<strong>ISB PGP 2025 Eligibility Criteria<strong>

Depending on your academic standing and job experience, you can apply in one of the following ways for admission to the Indian School of Business’s postgraduate programme.

  • Bachelor’s or equivalent degree
  • Valid GMAT / GRE score (test centre-based test only)
  • Minimum 24 months of full-time work experience / Less than 24 months of full-time work experience (for EEO candidates)

ISB PGP 2025 Application Process

<strong>ISB PGP 2025 Application Process<strong>

Aside from the sections for personal information and the declaration or statement of integrity, the ISB PGP Application Form consists of six primary components. Make sure you complete every field on the form before submitting it.

1) Academics: Mention your X, XII, graduation, post-graduation (if any), additional certifications in this section, etc.

2) Work Experience: Mention your top job responsibilities, initiatives, and achievements.

3) Awards & Activities: Arrange your awards, achievements, and hobbies in the order of importance, and mention them in the awards, activities and hobbies sections.

4) GMAT/GRE Test Score: Provide a valid GMAT or GRE score.
Scores on the GMAT and GRE are valid for five years after the exam date. You must take the GMAT or GRE before completing your application since it’s required for admittance. Your reported scores have to be current as of the application round’s deadline.

5) Essay: Reflect on your experiences and let your thoughts flow. Focus on uniqueness and leadership. Mind the word Limit.

6) Recommendation: You will have to provide details of one recommender who can be your reporting manager/ previous manager/ senior colleague/ current client/ previous client/ business partner/ supplier/ auditor etc. Go by the quality of the evaluation rather than the seniority of the designation

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ISB PGP 2025 Selection Process

<strong>ISB PGP 2025 Selection Process<strong>

Each applicant to the Post Graduate Programme in Management at the Indian School of Business is holistically evaluated on the following parameters:

1) Academic Credentials: The application carefully considers your prior academic standing as well as your results on the GMAT/GRE to determine how well-suited you are for the rigorous programme. Together with the total GMAT/GRE score, they also take into account the 12th standard grades, graduation grades, post-graduate and certification scores, and any pertinent information. Nevertheless, neither the academic background nor the GMAT/GRE score are subject to any “cut-off” criterion.

2) Leadership Potential: Candidates are assessed based on their contributions in their previous personal and professional lives. This component is evaluated based on the applicant’s past initiatives, responsibilities assumed, and professional advancement. The one professional evaluation—a recommendation—that is a significant component of the application aids in assessing the applicant’s capacity for leadership in a work environment.

3) Personal Attributes: ISB seeks out adaptable, well-rounded people who can make significant and good contributions to society. People with the ability to recognise and contribute diverse viewpoints to the classroom. Your interests and extracurricular pursuits outside of work provide us with a glimpse into your character. The Post Graduate Programme in Management at the School welcomes applications from candidates with a variety of experiences. Diversity in all facets of life is taken into account, including nationality, job experience, and educational background.

ISB PGP Fees 2025

<strong>ISB PGP Fees 2025 <strong>

Admission Fee (partially refundable as per policy, refer to the offer letter)

1Admission fee (payable as per ‘date of payment’ as specified in the offer letter)Rs 3,00,000
2GST @ 18%Rs 54,000
 Total admission feeRs 3,54,000 

Commitment Fee (non-refundable, refer to the offer letter)

1Commitment fee (payable as per ‘date of payment’ as specified in the offer letter) Rs 2,00,000
2GST @ 18%Rs 36,000
 Total Commitment feeRs 2,36,000

Other fees

Students have the option of paying the other fees either in one or two instalments as below:

  Security Deposit (Interest-free – refundable at the end of the academic year subject to recoveries if applicable)The amount payable if paid in two instalments
  1st Installment2nd Installment*
  Shared AccommodationStudio AccommodationShared AccommodationStudio AccommodationShared AccommodationStudio Accommodation
  Due on or before 14-03-2024Due on or before 14-03-2024Due on or before 07-09-2024
3Tuition fee24,72,00024,72,00012,36,000 12,36,000 12,36,00012,36,000
4Accommodation fee2,89,0005,16,0001,44,5002,58,0001,44,5002,58,000
5Interest @ 6% on 2nd Installment40,16743,469
 Subtotal27,61,000 29,88,00013,80,50014,94,00014,20,667 15,37,469
6GST @18%4,96,9805,37,8402,48,4902,68,9202,55,7202,76,744
7Security Deposit (Interest free – refundable at the end of the academic year subject to recoveries if applicable)20,00020,00020,00020,000
8Total payable (SI.No. 2-7)32,77,98035,45,84016,48,99017,82,92016,76,38718,14,213
9Insurance Premium towards hospitalisation insurance policy payable along with fees as per insurance premium calculator.)At ActualsAt ActualsAt ActualsAt Actuals

10Alumni Association membership deposit (optional & transferable to the association fund upon graduation)25,00025,00025,00025,000
11GST @ 18%4,5004,5004,5004,500

Other Miscellaneous Expenses

Other estimated expenses for PGP 2024-25 per student on campus:

S.NoParticularsApproximate amount in Indian rupees per annum
3Meal Plans75,000
4Other expenses towards:IT support, laundry, electricity, documentation expenses, photocopy charges etc.50,000
5International Exchange Programme Cost4,50,000

*This is only an indicative amount

ISB PGP Scholarships 2024-2025

<strong>ISB PGP Scholarships 2024 2025<strong>

The availability of scholarships is the only aspect to take into account when choosing which ISB round to apply to. Only applicants selected in Round 1 are eligible for full tuition fee exemptions, which can greatly reduce the program’s cost. In addition, Round 1 applicants receive half of all merit and need-based exemptions. So, if getting a scholarship is something you want, your chances of getting a sizable amount of funding are increased when you apply in Round 1. Following is the list of scholarships offered by ISB:

How to apply?Name of the scholarshipDescriptionApplicants with international passport and high on merit will be considered. Scholarship as % of Tuition FeeMode of disbursal
MeritDean Don Jacob’s Memorial ScholarshipAwarded to an applicant high on meritNo separate application required50%Waiver
MeritProf.Manasa Mandava Memorial ScholarshipAwarded to a woman applicant high on merit. It will be awarded in two tranches, the first tranche 25% of the tuition fee at the start of the programme and the second after completion of the core terms.No separate application required50%Waiver
MeritISB Merit WaiverAll applicants will automatically be considered for the available merit-linked tuition waivers. No separate application required25%-100%Waiver
DiversityISB Merit by Diversity WaiverThe applicants coming from diverse backgrounds in education or profession and high on merit will be considered.No separate application required25%-100%Waiver
DiversityInternational Diversity WaiverApplicants with international passports and high on merit will be considered. No separate application required25%-100%Waiver
Need-cum-MeritISB Need-cum-Merit WaiverFamily income not more than INR 18,00,000 (including applicant’s pre-ISB income)Essay and Proof of income for self and family25%Waiver
DiversityAIESEC – ISB WaiversThe applicants who are also AIESECers can apply for this waiver.Essay and proof of AIESEC25%Waiver
DiversityBridge to India WaiverApplicants who are currently working abroad and are planning to come back to India can apply.Essay25%Waiver
DiversityArmed Forces ScholarshipOffered in honour of the armed forces personnel, who while risking their lives, are continuously at the helm of keeping our nation safe.No Separate application required50%Waiver

ISB PGP Application Tips

ISB PGP 2025 Application Deadlines 7
  • Start early, well before the deadline (or as early as possible !)
  • Be consistent, keep track of your progress vs. the application deadline
  • Consult a professional ISB admission consultant (if needed)
  • Bring out your wholistic personality
  • Be honest, don’t cook up stories
  • Reach out to your evaluators/recommenders early
  • Submit well before the deadline, dont wait till the last day/minute!

ISB PGP Placements 2024

ISB PGP 2025 Application Deadlines 8

For the PGP class, ISB offers a comprehensive placement procedure at its campuses in Mohali and Hyderabad.

Source: ISB

Source: ISB

The placement procedure at ISB takes around four months. Hundreds of job advertisements and a series of on-campus presentations provide you with the chance to learn about recruitment firms with both national and international reach. Pre-placement talks (PPT) are given to the student body by recruiters before placements.

The discussions deal with the expectations and ideologies of the organisations. In response, students send them “expressions of interest (EOI)”.Recruiters identify qualified applicants, compile a shortlist, and notify the Career Advancement Services (CAS) group, which then contacts the students.

After the following round of on-campus interviews, companies extend offers. Interviews with students off-campus are another option for recruiters.

Within 10 days, the majority of the placement process takes place. However, it takes many months to complete the final interviews and placements.


Which Round to Choose to Apply for ISB PGP? 

Prospective applicants frequently enquire as to which round provides the best opportunity for admission and scholarships to the Indian School of Business (ISB). Despite the ISB’s express statement that the chances of selection are the same in each round, there are a few things that make Round 1 especially favourable. The considerations for selecting the best ISB application round are examined in this paragraph, with an emphasis on increasing scholarship chances and getting results on time.

What is the ISB acceptance rate?

Getting admitted to ISB is a difficult and demanding process. The majority of students at this institution are experienced, with an average experience of eight years or more. Although the percentage of applicants determines the annual admission ratio, the typical acceptance rate is between 20 and 22 percent.

What is a safe GMAT score for ISB?

Typically, a GMAT score of 700 or more is considered appropriate for ISB admission. You still have a chance to be admitted to ISB even if your score of 680 may not be very competitive.

How many students will be admitted for PGP?

There are about 820 students in the batch. There are 819 students in the Class of 2025 between the campuses in Hyderabad and Mohali.

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