There is tough competition for a spot in the list of admits at ISB. Hence, your application needs to be flawless to at least get considered for an interview call. The good part is, most applicants make similar mistakes and if you avoid them, your chances automatically improve!

Here are the top 5 mistakes you should avoid in your application,

Shooting over the word count: 

In all essays, ISB specifies a word limit. The assessment here is on how you can express yourself in a concise manner. If the word limit is disregarded, then it also reflects your non-adherence to specified directions.

Lack of coherence in overall application:

Many applicants think essays and other aspects of the application are distinct. This disconnect in understanding reflects in the final application. It is important to understand that it is ONE application and hence, all ends should tie-up. There should be common themes across your essays, achievements and also recommendations

Misunderstanding extracurricular activities: 

ISB tries to assess your leadership potential and multi-tasking skills through your EC participation. Many applicants make the mistake listing a number of small participations as achievements; this reflects a lack of understanding of what ISB is looking for. Depth is more important than breadth

Using industry jargons and abbreviations:

Assuming that the admissions committee members understand your industry is a fatal flaw. If they do not understand the context, then they won’t be able to assess your application, especially when they have hundreds of them to review. The language should be familiar to most people and stuffy words should be avoided

Overemphasizing work experience: 

A lot of applicants focus only on their professional accomplishments in their applications. This reflects a one-dimensional personality and usually leads to rejection. The underlying theme should also be focused on your passions, personality outside of work, etc.

These mistakes, among others, cost a number of applicants a seat in the ISB classroom. You should avoid them at all costs!

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