MBA for Executives (MBAEx) Programme is IIM Calcutta’s one Year Full-Time Residential Programme meant for Executives with more than five years of professional experience. It provides mid-career professionals with the ideal platform to augment their existing skill sets as they endeavor to armor themselves for senior and top management roles in the industry.

IIMC Application Deadlines 2022-2023

Admission to the MBAEx program of IIM Calcutta is a three-round process with the following deadlines: 

IIMC Application Essay 2022-2023

  • Statement of Purpose: This should include an objective and clear statement on why you want to join the PGPEX program? What qualities, experience, and achievements do you have to justify your admission; what types of jobs, and at what level do you expect after successful completion of PGPEX? (500 words)
  • Optional essay: Anything else you would like to highlight in support of your application (Word limit 300 words)

SOP Analysis and tips

Let us break this SOP into three parts:

  1. What have you done so far?

Talk about your experience, both professional and academic. Explain how you came to decide to pursue an MBA. It must also state your primary reason for enrolling in this program. The opening section of your SOP is this paragraph, and it is very important to make a good impression on the adcom. This section of your SOP should contain the most vivid, original, and clever language possible.

  1. What are your immediate post-MBA goals and long-term goals?

Describe the job you want to pursue, the companies you want to work for, and the skills you want to acquire once you graduate from IIMC. Your stated goals must be in line with your current abilities and passions, especially after adding an MBA to the mix. By doing so, you may show that your goals are doable and achievable. To learn more about the kind of positions that people obtain after completing the MBA program, review placement statistics, and chat with IIMC alumni.

Your goals might look like these:

Short Term Goal: Immediately post-MBA, my goal is to work as a Management Consultant at BCG 

Long Term Goal: In 10 years post-MBA my goal is to work as the Senior partner/Director at a Big 4 Consulting firm

  1. How will an MBA from IIMC help you to achieve your goals?

This paragraph has to explain why you want to pursue an MBA at this time in your life and how the university you have chosen will help you accomplish your objectives. You may also discuss how a particular professor from the university’s faculty can assist you in obtaining the most thorough education possible and how this might be crucial to your development.

Before you write – Research the program

Knowing what sort of applicant the admissions committee is seeking can help you write a statement that will persuade them that you are the ideal match for their particular program. Visit the institution’s website, and if you can, speak with alumni. Try to obtain a feel for the academic atmosphere of the institution. Spend some time learning about the different faculty members’ areas of expertise in research, and keep note of those whose research interests coincide with yours.

The more you understand about the school and the MBA program, the better equipped you will be to write a convincing SOP that reflects the values or qualities that the school is looking for. The better prepared you are to create a compelling SOP, the more will you be able to write an SOP that resonates with the principles or qualities that the school is seeking. 

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