Welcome to our exploration of the IESE MBA— Ranked #3 MBA in the World in 2023 by the Financial Times a global business immersion lasting 15 or 19 months. The first European business school to extend a two-year MBA, IESE offers a 15- or 19-month, full-time MBA program as well as several Executive MBA options and a Global Executive MBA program.

IESE is committed to shaping business leaders who create a lasting impact on people, companies, and society. During the MBA, students refine management skills, connect with industry executives, and craft their personal brand for a lasting influence on their careers and the future.

Join us as we delve into the essence of the IESE MBA, unlocking pathways to a future brimming with possibilities.

IESE Business School campus building covered in greenery
The lush IESE Business School campus where historic architecture meets modern business education


Table of application deadlines for the IESE MBA program
Key dates for the IESE MBA application process guiding your journey to business leadership
IESE MBA students posing in front of the school sign
A cohort of driven IESE MBA students ready to make their mark in global business


Let’s demystify the IESE MBA application process, ensuring your pathway to success is clear and efficient. The application process comprises several essential components:

Infographic illustrating the IESE MBA admissions process
The IESE MBA admissions process A journey from the initial application to the final admission decision


  • Completed Application Form: Begin by filling out the comprehensive application form, providing a foundational overview of your academic and professional background.
  • Kira Video Essays: Engage in Kira video essays, offering a dynamic platform to showcase your personality, communication skills, and enthusiasm for pursuing an MBA at IESE.
  • Application Fee: Submit the requisite application fee, a nominal investment toward your future at IESE.The initial application fee for ​​the IESE MBA is $​200.
  • Official Transcripts: Furnish official transcripts from your previous academic institutions, offering a snapshot of your academic prowess and achievements.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV): Present a detailed CV that encapsulates your educational qualifications, work experience, extracurricular activities, and any honors or awards received.
  • GMAT/GRE Test Score: Include your GMAT or GRE test score to provide a standardized measure of your academic capabilities.
  • English Language Proficiency Test Score: Demonstrate your English language proficiency through recommended scores from TOEFL, IELTS, PTE Academic, or Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English.
  • Letter of Recommendation: Request and submit a strong letter of recommendation that vouches for your qualifications, character, and suitability for the IESE MBA.
  • Mandatory Essays (Online Form): Express yourself through the mandatory essays available on the online application form, providing deeper insights into your aspirations and motivations.
  • Military or Civil Service Obligation: If applicable, disclose any military or civil service obligations, which may be a part of your background.
  • Passport-Size Digital Photograph: Share a passport-size digital photograph, ensuring a maximum file size of 2MB, to personalize your application.
MBA candidate working on laptop with coffee and camera on desk
The strategic planning stage of an MBA aspirant blending technology with traditional note taking


As part of the application process, a Video Essay has been introduced this year to offer you a unique opportunity to present yourself beyond the confines of a traditional application. Here’s how it works:

  • Promptly Initiate the Process: Once you’ve submitted the written application and paid the necessary fees, expect to receive a Kira Video Essay link within 24 hours. This link will be your gateway to this expressive segment of the application.
  • Mind the Clock: The link is time-sensitive and will expire 48 hours after receipt. Therefore, it’s prudent to complete the written section a few days ahead of the deadline, allowing ample time to comfortably engage with the video essays.
  • Two Thought-Provoking Questions: Within this virtual space, you’ll encounter two engaging video essay questions. Your responses to these questions will provide valuable insights into your character, aspirations, and motivations, enriching your application.
  • Critical Element for Review: Your application will be considered complete and ready for review only upon receiving your responses to these video questions. Hence, timely completion is pivotal in ensuring a holistic evaluation of your candidacy.
  • Guidance and Instructions: Rest assured, all necessary instructions and guidance for this section will be shared along with the link, facilitating a seamless and informed experience.

Incorporating this video essay element elevates your application process, allowing you to showcase your personality and communication skills in a more dynamic and interactive manner. It’s your moment to shine and make a lasting impression on the admissions committee.

Concentrated student studying in library for MBA exams
An MBA candidate deeply focused on his studies in a library preparing for the challenges ahead


Essay writing is a crucial avenue for you to articulate your aspirations, motivations, and unique qualities to the admissions committee. Let’s delve into each topics for IESE Spain MBA essays 2024 offering analysis and tips to help you craft impactful responses.


What are your short-term and mid-term post-MBA goals? How will the IESE MBA program help you achieve them? (word limit 300 max)

This prompt is your canvas to sketch a clear, feasible trajectory of your post-MBA journey. Admissions committees seek to understand how the IESE MBA aligns with your professional ambitions and how you intend to leverage the program to reach your short and mid-term goals.

  • Be Specific and Concrete: Outline precise short-term and mid-term goals, showcasing your vision. Clarity demonstrates purpose and determination.
  • Connect with IESE: Explain how IESE’s unique offerings, be it coursework, networking opportunities, or global exposure, directly align with and enhance your goals.
  • Highlight Transferable Skills: Discuss how IESE will equip you with the necessary skills, knowledge, and experiences to excel in your intended career path.


What would you like to highlight about yourself or your journey which may have not been captured in your application? (word limit 300 max)

This optional essay provides a chance to offer additional, meaningful information that complements your application. It’s an opportunity to address any gaps, clarify unusual circumstances, or share compelling personal stories.

  • Relevance is Key: Ensure the content is relevant and truly enhances the understanding of your candidacy. Avoid reiterating facts already presented in the application.
  • Demonstrate Self-awareness: If addressing weaknesses or challenges, demonstrate your awareness and the actions taken to overcome or learn from them.
  • Share Passion and Values: If applicable, delve into personal passions, hobbies, or values that significantly define you but were not covered in the main application.


ESSAY 1 – Tell us how you plan to finance your MBA (E.g., 40% savings, 60% loans OR 45K via savings and the rest via loan.) (50 words) 

This prompt aims to gauge your financial preparedness for the MBA program. The admissions committee seeks to understand how you plan to finance your education and the proportion of savings versus loans.

  • Be Transparent and Specific: Clearly outline your financial plan, indicating the percentage or amount you intend to contribute from savings and the part to be covered through loans.
  • Realistic Financial Projections: Ensure your financial plan is realistic and in alignment with your overall financial situation. Avoid overcommitting or underestimating your ability to fund the MBA.

ESSAY 2 – Why do you think you deserve a scholarship? (450 words)

This essay prompt is an invitation to present a compelling case for why you merit a scholarship. It’s an opportunity to showcase your achievements, contributions, and future potential.

  • Highlight Achievements and Impact: Discuss your academic, professional, or community achievements and how they exemplify your commitment to making a difference.
  • Express Financial Need: If applicable, articulate your financial need for a scholarship and how it would significantly alleviate the burden of funding your MBA.
  • Emphasize Unique Contributions: Showcase what sets you apart—your unique perspective, skills, or experiences that you can bring to the IESE community and how a scholarship would facilitate this.
  • Link to IESE Values: Align your reasons with IESE’s values and mission, emphasizing how receiving a scholarship would allow you to contribute more effectively to the IESE community.

By approaching these scholarship essays with thoughtful consideration and strategic planning, you can effectively communicate your financial strategy and make a persuasive case for deserving a scholarship. Each word should be a testament to your dedication, aspirations, and the value you’d bring to IESE as a scholarship recipient. Mastering these essay prompts allows you to present a well-rounded view of yourself, your goals, and your fit for the IESE MBA program. Craft each essay thoughtfully, aiming to leave a lasting impression that resonates with the admissions committee.

Applicant in a personal interview for MBA admission
A decisive moment for an MBA hopeful during the personal interview process


The personal interview at IESE is a significant step in your application journey, providing an opportunity to showcase your personality, experiences, and motivations. It is an informal interview to know you better. 

The personal interview is a dynamic platform encompassing a range of situational, current, professional, and personal questions, inviting you to share your experiences, aspirations, and unique qualities. It’s an opportunity for you to illuminate your path, narrate your achievements, and illuminate the drive that propels you towards an IESE MBA. In this section, we’ll explore the diverse spectrum of questions you may encounter, offering insights and guidance to empower you on this journey of self-expression and discovery.

Potential Interview Questions:

  • Why IESE?

Elaborate on what attracts you to IESE and why you believe it’s the ideal fit for your MBA journey.

  • Tell me about a time you dealt with a conflict within your team.

Share a specific experience, focusing on how you navigated the conflict and achieved a positive outcome.

  • Describe a time when you received negative feedback and what you learned from it.

Narrate a scenario where you received constructive criticism, highlighting how you responded and grew from the experience.

  • How do you typically deal with stressful moments or periods?

Discuss your coping mechanisms and strategies for managing stress effectively.

  • Do you have a Plan B should your career goal not work out?

Articulate your flexibility and alternative plans in case your primary career goals face challenges.

  • Where else have you applied, and is IESE your first choice?

Be candid about your application strategy and express your enthusiasm for IESE.

  • Tell me about your experience to date.

Provide an overview of your professional journey and key milestones in your career.

  • Why pursue an MBA, and why now?

Explain the motivations behind your decision to pursue an MBA and why this timing aligns with your goals.

  • Most interesting project at work?

Share details about a project that you found particularly stimulating and impactful in your current or past role.

  • What are your interests outside of work?

Highlight your hobbies, passions, or activities that reflect your personality and interests beyond your professional life.

Students actively participating in an IESE classroom session
Interactive learning at IESE A professor engaging with students during a classroom session


The IESE MBA class is a lively mix of people from over 50 countries and diverse professional backgrounds. Most are young professionals eager to step into leadership roles within established companies or to kick-start their own ventures. This diversity of backgrounds and dreams creates a vibrant classroom environment, reflecting the colorful global business landscape. In this section, we’ll explore the diverse and dynamic makeup of our IESE MBA class, showcasing the varied aspirations that energize and define our community.

Infographic of IESE MBA student demographics and class profile
IESE MBAs diverse cohort A snapshot of student demographics highlighting global representation


At IESE MBA, the curriculum is meticulously crafted to impart holistic knowledge, enhance analytical thinking, and foster strategic acumen, preparing you to thrive in the dynamic world of business.

Orientation Week: Building Foundations for Success

The IESE MBA begins with an immersive Orientation Week in Barcelona, where you’ll forge connections with your diverse peers and engage in team-building activities. This week sets the academic tone, introducing you to the renowned case method—an essential aspect of your MBA journey. Meeting professors and developing a shared knowledge base ensures you’re well-prepared for the academic challenges ahead.

TERM 1: Nurturing Fundamental Business Competencies

The first term kicks off with eight compulsory courses in diverse domains vital for effective business acumen:

  • Analysis of Business Problems: Focusing on solving complex, unstructured problems frequently encountered in the business world, this course enhances your decision-making capabilities.
  • Capital Markets: Delving into financial market foundations, this course underscores the importance of public markets as a source of financing and equips you with essential financial knowledge.
  • Communication: Emphasizing personal efficiency and effectiveness, this course offers practical tools for collaborative educational success, catering to individual needs.
  • Decision Analysis: Enhancing your ability to structure and analyze decisions, this course is crucial for improving managerial decision-making skills.
  • Financial Accounting: Enabling a deep understanding of financial information in company reports, this course interprets key financial statements and terms.
  • Leadership: Focusing on complexities in managing and leading people, this course equips you with tools to lead effectively at various organizational levels.
  • Marketing Management: Illuminating the evolving role of marketing, this course highlights the significance of delivering superior value to customers and setting strategic directions.
  • Career General Preparation: Providing a foundation for professional development, this course equips you with the necessary skills for a successful career trajectory.

TERM 2: Specializations and Skill Consolidation

The second term encompasses seven intensive courses, enhancing core competencies:

  • Business Ethics: Exploring critical aspects of ethical conduct and societal contributions of companies, this course addresses corporate responsibility and culture.
  • Managerial Accounting: Offering a comprehensive introduction to utilizing financial and non-financial data to manage organizations and drive value creation.
  • Marketing Planning and Implementation: Extending the marketing decision analysis from the first term, this course focuses on the practical implementation of marketing decisions.
  • Operational Finance: Analyzing a company’s financial statements and proposing remedial actions, this course is pivotal for financial diagnosis and strategy.
  • Operations Management: Unveiling strategies to enhance operational efficiency and value delivery, this course is key to sustainable business success.
  • Business Analytics: Covering essential data analysis concepts, this course familiarizes you with leveraging data for sound business decisions.
  • Digital Transformation of Organizations and Markets: Addressing the paradigm shift in business due to digital technologies, this course prepares you for the digital age of management.

TERM 3: Mastering Strategic Dimensions

The final term includes five core courses focusing on competitive strategy, corporate finance, entrepreneurial management, operations strategy, and global economics. These courses are designed to enhance your strategic thinking and equip you with a holistic understanding of the business environment.

Timeline outlining the IESE MBA program structure
Understanding the flow of IESEs MBA program through a detailed timeline


At IESE, the case method is not just a pedagogical tool in lines with Harvard University; it’s a living, dynamic practice that immerses you in stimulating discussions about real-world business challenges. Through a blend of individual learning, team deliberations, and interdisciplinary plenary sessions, you’ll delve into the heart of business dilemmas. 

The lecturer acts as a facilitator, fostering a collaborative environment where diverse perspectives and experiences enrich the discourse. These discussions, fueled by real cases from leading companies, epitomize the essence of the case method at IESE, offering a robust learning experience. For a deeper understanding of this impactful approach and a glimpse into real cases used in IESE classes, explore further in our dedicated section on the case method.

IESE students engaged in active learning in a classroom setting
An immersive academic experience with active student participation at IESE Business School


IESE, a trailblazer in career success, boasts an impressive 95% job placement rate for graduates and a network of over 400 recruiting companies. With a student satisfaction average of 98% and a vast alumni network exceeding 55,000, IESE’s commitment to fostering successful professionals is unmistakable.

Beyond academics, IESE’s career-focused approach encompasses honing crucial skills through workshops and personalized career guidance from seasoned experts. The IESE MBA is a transformative experience, equipping you with the knowledge and global insights for success across diverse sectors and opportunities.

Career Development Center offers various opportunities to build your career – 

  • Skills Enhancement Workshops

Participate in interactive sessions focusing on crucial skills like negotiation, networking, and CV building, preparing you for the professional world.

  • Expert Coaching & Mentoring

Receive personalized career guidance from employment experts, aligning your ambitions with actionable plans to achieve your goals.

  • Online Career Resources

Access a wealth of information, training, and job-search tools through our Electronic Career Management Office, facilitating a seamless transition into the job market.

  • CV & Interview Skills

Optimize your opportunities by perfecting your CV and mastering in-person interview techniques, ensuring a strong presence in the competitive job market.

Chart showcasing employment sectors and recruiters for IESE MBA graduates
A graphical representation of the diverse sectors and prestigious companies recruiting IESE MBA graduates

Notably, IESE graduates are highly valued by leading companies, evident in a remarkable 144% salary increase, the highest among European schools three years post-graduation according to Financial Times 2022 rankings. IESE’s impact on careers is profound, attracting top talent and delivering exceptional value to the global business landscape.

Graduation cap on a jar full of money, symbolizing investment in an MBA
The significance of investing in an MBA education visualized with a graduation cap and savings


Breakdown of tuition fees for the IESE MBA program
A clear breakdown of the tuition fees for the IESE MBA 2024 intake outlining financial planning for applicants
  • Application Fee: Initial application fee: $200.

To embark on the IESE MBA journey, prospective students begin with a nominal application fee of $200. This initial investment paves the way for opportunities that can shape your career and life profoundly.

  • Commitment Fee: Non-refundable commitment fee: €3,000.

Upon receiving the golden acceptance into the MBA program, a non-refundable commitment fee of €3,000 is due by the first deposit deadline. This fee signifies your dedicated intention to join the program.

  • Reservation Fee: Non-refundable reservation fee: €7,000.

To confirm your unwavering commitment to the program, a non-refundable reservation fee of €7,000 is required by the second deposit deadline.

Both the commitment and reservation fees significantly contribute towards the total program cost, which amounts to €105,000. These fees are deductible from the overall program cost and should be paid before the indicated deadlines. In the case of admission during the last application deadline, both fees are to be paid together


IESE places a strong emphasis on empowering its MBA candidates through various scholarship opportunities. These scholarships are seamlessly integrated into the MBA application process, symbolizing the commitment to nurturing exceptional talent.

Available Scholarships:

  • IESE Excellence Scholarship: Recognizing outstanding achievements and alignment with IESE’s values.
  • IESE Social Impact Scholarship: Honoring individuals who’ve made a significant societal impact.
  • IESE Trust Scholarship: Awarded to students with exceptional academic records and a strong fit with IESE’s values.
  • Forté Fellowship: Supporting exemplary women leaders across diverse backgrounds.
  • IESE Women in STEM Scholarship: Encouraging women with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math backgrounds.
  • IESE Diversity Scholarship: Promoting a diverse student community by supporting under-represented nationalities.
  • IESE Leaders in Africa Scholarship: Specifically for African nationals with exceptional work experience and merit.
  • IESE Leaders in Emerging Markets Scholarship: Aiding professionals from developing economies.
  • IESE Entrepreneurship Scholarship: Recognizing entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to the ecosystem.
  • IESE Technology & Innovation Scholarship: Supporting candidates with a strong science or technology background.
  • IESE Leaders in Sustainability Scholarship: Celebrating achievements in leading sustainable business causes.
  • IESE Leaders in Non-Profit & Public Sector Scholarship: Honoring those dedicated to non-profit or government organizations.
  • IESE Family Scholarship: Providing financial aid for students with families.
  • IESE Alumni Association Scholarship: Awarded by the IESE Alumni Association based on exceptional work experience and merit.

The scholarship application process is intuitive, with candidates submitting a single cover letter alongside their application without specifying a particular scholarship. These scholarships, generally merit-based, cover a range from 10% to 50% of tuition fees. While living expenses are not included, need-based scholarships are available for exceptional cases. Read more on scholarships here.

Group of IESE Business School graduates in maroon gowns holding diplomas, symbolizing diverse success
The future leaders in business A proud moment for the IESE Class as they celebrate their graduation a testament to their hard work and dedication


IESE, Spain, stands as a beacon of educational excellence, preparing future business leaders to make a lasting impact on a global scale. The IESE MBA program offers a transformative experience, delving deep into the realms of global business, honing management skills, and fostering personal and professional growth.

As you navigate your journey towards IESE, reach out for any assistance needed in the application process or essay preparation. The Admissions Department is readily available to guide and support you. Shape your future with IESE – where knowledge, opportunity, and impact converge.

Apply now and craft your path to success. For application assistance or essay guidance, contact us at [email protected] / (+91) 8766202047 / (+91) 9990493487

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