Getting into the prestigious Indian School of Business (ISB) is a dream many aspiring MBA candidates share. However, with fierce competition, it is vital to understand what the school is looking for in the ISB Essays for 2024-2025 applications, which acts as the gateway to your admission into this esteemed institution.

In this blog, we aim to share insights, storytelling prowess, and strategic positioning to empower you in crafting extraordinary essays that leave an indelible impression on the discerning admissions committee. 

ISB application deadline for 2024-2025 is 15 September 2024. Getting started with your ISB essays as soon as possible is advised to allow an honest attempt. 

As seasoned ISB admission consultants, with a team of accomplished ISB alumni, we have meticulously analyzed the essay topics for 2024-2025, enabling us to provide unparalleled advice and support throughout your application journey.

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ISB Essay Topics 2024-2025 (Class of 2025 – 2026)

Following are the ISB Essay Topics for the Class of 2025 – 2026;

 TopicWord Limit
ISB Essays Topic 1Contemplate Situations That Have Shaped Your Journey. Present What These Situations Have Taught You About Your Strengths And Weaknesses, And How They Have Shaped Your Personal And Professional Journey.400 words
ISB Essays Topic 2What intellectual experiences have influenced your approach to learning and have led you to pursue an MBA? Please describe using anecdotes from your own experiences.400 words
ISB Essays Topic 3 (Optional)Given your previous experience and future aspirations, how do you plan to use the PGP at ISB to fulfill your professional goals? 250 words
ISB Reapplicant Essays Please use this space to explain significant improvements in your profile since your last application to the ISB PGP. 200 words

Understanding The ISB Essay Questions for 2024 – 2025 (Class of 2025 – 2026)

Let’s delve into the essay questions for this intake to understand what ISB is looking for and how you can effectively respond.

ISB Essay 1 Topic: Contemplate Situations That Have Shaped Your Journey. Present What These Situations Have Taught You About Your Strengths And Weaknesses, And How They Have Shaped Your Personal And Professional Journey. (400 Words)

Analysis: The topic calls for a genuine portrayal of yourself, emphasizing both your strengths and weaknesses. It encourages you to highlight the key elements that have played a pivotal role in shaping your journey. This essay offers an opportunity to reflect on your experiences, values, and personality traits, providing a multi-faceted understanding of who you are. By honestly presenting your strengths, you showcase unique qualities and skills that have driven your success. 

Simultaneously, acknowledging your weaknesses demonstrates self-awareness and a commitment to personal growth. Supporting your claims with relevant illustrations or examples further strengthens your narrative, providing tangible evidence of your journey and the lessons learned. This essay allows you to craft an authentic and comprehensive picture of yourself, revealing resilience, adaptability, and the transformative experiences that have contributed to your personal and professional development.

While the essay is similar to last year i.e. ISB Essay 1 topic in 2023-2024 applications, the school has added another element to it this year. They have asked you to talk about your professional journey as well in this essay, while it was purely focused on your journey in the previous year. Hence, it’s important to highlight how your strengths and weaknesses have played a role in your professional journey/career as well. 

Let’s have a look at a few key points to keep in mind while writing Essay 1 –

Unveil Your Strengths

  • Begin by presenting a holistic view of yourself by identifying three core strengths that define you as an individual. These strengths should align with the qualities valued at ISB.
  • Use vivid storytelling techniques to provide personal examples or instances where these strengths were instrumental in achieving notable successes or making a positive impact.
  • Demonstrate the versatility of these strengths by highlighting how they can be applied to various scenarios, showcasing your adaptability and versatility.
  • Show a deep understanding of ISB’s community and culture by explaining how these strengths will contribute to the classroom dynamics, group projects, and extracurricular activities, fostering a collaborative and enriching environment.

Embrace Vulnerability: Address Your Weaknesses

  • Reflect on self-awareness and honesty by openly acknowledging key weaknesses that you have identified and actively striving to overcome.
  • Share personal anecdotes or experiences that showcase moments when these weaknesses presented challenges or hindered your progress.
  • Display a growth mindset by discussing the proactive steps you have taken or intend to take to address these weaknesses, such as seeking relevant opportunities or seeking guidance from mentors.
  • Discuss how the dynamic and diverse environment at ISB will provide the ideal platform for you to further develop these areas, emphasizing your commitment to personal growth and improvement.
  • Highlight specific resources, courses, or clubs at ISB that will help you tackle these weaknesses head-on.

The Tapestry of Your Journey

  • Articulate the unique elements that have played a pivotal role in shaping your journeys, such as cultural background, transformative experiences, or life-changing encounters.
  • Weave personal anecdotes or stories that vividly depict the impact of these elements, showing the growth, resilience, and adaptability you have developed as a result.
  • Discuss how these experiences have broadened your perspectives, strengthened your values, and ignited your desire to contribute meaningfully to the ISB community.
  • Showcase your ability to connect your journey to ISB’s values and mission, emphasizing the value and diverse insights you can bring to classroom discussions and group projects.

Not forgetting the impact on professional journey/career: As mentioned above, since the essay topic mentions “professional journey” as well, ensure it is being talked about in the essay. This will help you answer all aspects of the question and give the ISB admissions team a 360-degree view of you as a person and how your key characteristics have shaped you both personally and professionally. 

Note: Remember to tailor the essay to your own experiences and accomplishments. This outline serves as a structural guide to ensure a comprehensive and coherent essay that effectively showcases your strengths, weaknesses, and personal and professional journey.

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ISB Essay 2 Topic: What Intellectual Experiences Have Influenced Your Approach to Learning And Have Led You to Pursue an MBA? Please Describe Using Anecdotes From Your Own Experiences. (400 Words Max) 

Analysis: The essay topic urges you to reflect on your “intellectual experiences” which have had a deep influence on you and led you to think of pursuing an MBA. This could be an interaction with a leader, working with a senior at work, a tough project which made you realise your shortcomings, and skill gaps, etc. Ensure that you share anecdotes and fully develop the stories/examples for the ISB admissions team to be able to appreciate them. 

Below are a few points to keep in consideration while writing Essay 2 :

  • Focus on “intellectual experiences”. These could be experiences from your academic life or your work experience. However, share experiences which involve professional/academic situations and people. 
  • Describe the context, challenges faced, and actions taken to overcome obstacles, emphasising how it influenced you.
  • Reflect on the lessons you learnt from this experience, such as the importance of perseverance, adaptability, or effective decision-making.
  • Discuss how it led you to decide about going for an MBA.
  • Connect the experiences and lessons learned to the MBA experience and the value you can bring to the ISB community.
  • Explain how these experiences have prepared you to contribute to class discussions, collaborate effectively, and provide support to your peers.

Note: Remember to incorporate personal examples, and specific details to make the essay engaging and relatable. This outline provides a structured framework for crafting an essay that effectively showcases your ability to learn from success and failure, and highlights your personal and interpersonal growth as a result.

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ISB Essay 3 Topic, 2024 (Optional): “Given Your Previous Experience & Future Aspirations, How Do You Plan to Use the PGP at ISB to Fulfill Your Professional Goals?” 

Analysis: The prompt wants you to consider your past experiences and future aspirations about how you intend to utilise the Post Graduate Programme (PGP) at ISB to achieve your professional goals. It encourages you to critically analyse the alignment between your background, aspirations, and the opportunities offered by the program. To address this, you must first reflect on your past experiences and achievements, identifying the skills, knowledge, and expertise you have acquired thus far. 

Next, you should envision your future career path, setting clear and ambitious professional goals. The prompt then challenges you to articulate how the PGP at ISB specifically fits into this trajectory. You should highlight the unique resources, networks, and learning opportunities provided by ISB that align with your aspirations. Consider specific courses, concentrations, electives, and experiential learning opportunities that resonate with your desired career path. 

Additionally, demonstrate your research and understanding of ISB’s faculty, alumni network, industry connections, and career services, explaining how you plan to leverage these resources to enhance your professional growth. By presenting a compelling and well-thought-out plan, you can convey to the admissions committee how the PGP at ISB will serve as a catalyst for your future success and enable you to achieve your professional goals.

Below are a few points to keep in consideration while writing Essay 3 :

  • Previous experience: Explain how your previous experience and skills have prepared you for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in your desired field.
  • Future Aspirations and career goals: Articulate your long-term career goals with clarity and specificity, demonstrating a deep understanding of your desired industry or function.
  • Why PGP at ISB? : Explain how your future aspirations align with the mission, values, and strengths of ISB.
  • Connect your aspirations to the specific knowledge, skills, and network you seek to acquire during the PGP program.
  • Express your enthusiasm by stating strong points about contributing to the ISB community and leveraging your experiences and learnings to make a lasting impact in your chosen field.

Note – Consider the value and relevance of the optional essay before deciding to write it, avoiding any unnecessary burden on the admissions committee. Focus on being specific and providing clear insights that enhance your application. When discussing the benefits of attending ISB, emphasize the alignment between your goals and the opportunities offered by the institution. Make a well-informed decision about writing the optional essay by carefully evaluating these factors.

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ISB Reapplicant Essay: Please Use This Space to Explain Significant Improvements in Your Profile Since Your Last Application to The ISB PGP.

Note: It is Mandatory For You to Write This Essay. (200 Words Max)

The prompt invites you to reflect on the significant improvements in your profile since your last application to the ISB PGP. It emphasizes the importance of demonstrating growth and progress in your personal and professional journey. 

This essay is a mandatory requirement, providing you with an opportunity to showcase the strides you have made and the positive changes that have occurred since your previous application. It is crucial to carefully evaluate the areas where you have improved, such as acquiring new skills, taking up challenging projects, expanding your responsibilities, or engaging in impactful initiatives. 

Moreover, you should highlight any notable achievements, accolades, or recognition you have received during this period. Additionally, consider discussing how you have overcome previous shortcomings or addressed any weaknesses identified in your prior application. 

By showcasing your commitment to self-improvement and your dedication to personal and professional growth, you can demonstrate to the admissions committee that you are an even stronger and more qualified candidate for the ISB PGP. 

This essay allows you to present a compelling narrative of progress and transformation, reinforcing your suitability for the program and reaffirming your determination to make a lasting impact in the world.

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Remember, your narrative is extraordinary, and this blog acts as your trusted companion to chart an exceptional course towards a remarkable application that stands out amidst the crowd. So, embrace your accomplishments, leverage your unique experiences, and embark on an extraordinary adventure to claim your well-deserved place at the illustrious Indian School of Business.

As you embark on this transformative journey, fully embrace the breadth of your accomplishments, and recognize the immense value of your unique experiences. Let this be an opportunity to unearth the depths of your potential and showcase the multifaceted aspects that make you an exceptional candidate for the prestigious Indian School of Business. 

With the insights, strategies, and expertise provided within this blog, you possess the tools to weave your narrative into a captivating masterpiece that leaves a lasting impression on the admissions committee. 

So, with unwavering confidence, embark on this extraordinary adventure, fueled by your determination and unwavering commitment to claim your well-deserved place among the esteemed community at the Indian School of Business. Your future awaits, and this blog is here to empower you as you chart your path towards success. Together, let’s transform your aspirations into reality and create an indelible mark in the business world.


What are the Essay Topics for ISB?

Here’s a breakdown of the 2024-25 ISB essay topics:

  • ISB Essay 1: Given your previous experience and future aspirations, how do you plan to use the PGP at ISB to fulfil your professional goals? 
  • ISB Essay 2: What intellectual experiences have influenced your approach to learning and have led you to pursue an MBA? Please describe using anecdotes from your own experiences.
  • ISB Essay 3: Given your previous experience and future aspirations, how do you plan to use the PGP at ISB to fulfil your professional goals? 

What is the Word Limit for the ISB Essay?

Each essay has a word restriction of 400 words. Furthermore, the application offers the chance to respond to a 250-word optional essay. In no more than 200 words, you must respond to a re-applicant essay if you are one.

How Do You Start an ISB Essay?

Link your credentials to the class experience: Ensure that you link your experience/achievement to the class experience. That almost instantly answers the “why you” – a common ISB essay question. Research the school and find out areas where you would be able to contribute if given admission.

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