The flagship full-time MBA program offered by Great Lakes since 2004 is known as the Post Graduate Program in Management (PGPM). This one-year MBA program has been meticulously designed to mold high-potential professionals into proficient and capable managers and leaders. With guidance from world-class faculty, unparalleled industry exposure, and an innovative curriculum, the PGPM is tailored to provide a comprehensive business education.

Distinguished as one of the top-ranked one-year MBA programs, the Great Lakes PGPM is intended for ambitious individuals who are achievers, high performers, and those who aspire to make a positive impact on the world. This meticulously structured MBA course focuses on cultivating competencies in business administration, fostering effective teamwork, and nurturing leadership skills. The goal is to prepare you for rapid career advancement.

The uniqueness of the program is further enriched by the diverse blend of students from various backgrounds and industries. This diversity fosters a remarkable environment for peer learning, allowing for the exchange of real-world perspectives and experiences. The program attracts participants from leading Indian and multinational corporations, some of which even sponsor candidates or provide sabbatical opportunities.

Great Lakes Institute of Management lush green campus view
Great Lakes Institute of Management Campus Exterior View


ProgramWork Experience RequirementDurationDeadline
PGPM2+ yearsOne YearTBD
PGDM0-3 yearsTwo YearsTBD
PGXPM8+ yearsDuration varies31st August
PGPM FLEX2-10 yearsWeekend only 15th September
Entrance of Great Lakes Institute of Management with Buddha statue
Sunset View Great Lakes Institute of Management Entrance


  • Valid CAT*/GMAT/XAT+/CMAT scores. For PGPM admission process 2024-25, Great Lakes Institute of Management will accept scores of GMAT taken after 1st January 2021, CAT taken in 2022/2023, XAT taken in 2023/2024 or CMAT taken in 2023/2024.
  • A Bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognized institution
  • Typically candidates with 2 to 10 years of work experience are considered. However, exceptional students with 21+ months of experience (by April 30th, 2024) may be considered.
  • Candidates with 2-3 years of work experience by 30th April 2024 are encouraged to apply for the One Year Flagship PGPM. They are also eligible to apply for the Two year PGDM. 
  • In case an eligible candidate would like to apply for both the programs, they may do so by filling the application forms for both PGPM and PGDM separately. Candidates will be evaluated based on the respective program’s admission criteria. The admissions panel may also recommend the candidates for a specific program based on the assessment and program fit.
  • Freshers and candidates with experience lesser than 24 months strictly may apply to the Great Lakes PGDM Program


The application process for the Great Lakes One Year MBA is simple and straightforward:

Register: Begin your application journey by registering at

Payment: Make a payment of INR 2,000 through the website.

Application: Fill out the online application form. While filling out the application form applicants can apply separately to Great Lakes, Chennai or Great Lakes, Gurgaon campuses, or to both through the common application form.

Flowchart detailing the admission process at Great Lakes Institute of Management
Great Lakes Admission Process Flowchart

Entrance Exam Scores:

For the current PGPM 2020-2021 batch, the program accepts GMAT scores taken after 1st January 2017, CAT scores from 2018 and 2019, as well as XAT scores from 2019 and 2020. There are no strict cut-off scores, either overall or section-wise. The emphasis is placed on holistic individuals who align well with the program’s objectives. Applicants who make it to the shortlist meet the minimum aptitude criteria, evaluated through a comprehensive review of their profiles. Typically, admitted students for PGPM have GMAT scores ranging between 580 and 770, or CAT and XAT percentiles between 85 and 98. Nonetheless, the program has also accepted candidates with noteworthy accomplishments outside these ranges.

Academic Performance:

Great Lakes values graduates from diverse fields and recognized institutions. The evaluation encompasses academic achievements and extends to other areas of distinction. Notably, any accolades received during academic or extracurricular activities hold significant weight in the selection process. These accomplishments contribute to setting applicants apart from the competition.

Professional Trajectory:

While leadership potential is a focal point, the PGPM doesn’t exclusively require managerial experience. Demonstrated management capabilities are key, irrespective of official titles. Involvement in roles involving client management, team leadership, project oversight, vendor interaction, event coordination, or even entrepreneurial pursuits hold weight. The program evaluates the quality of work, achievements, and recognition attained.

Infographic showcasing the batch profile of PGPM 2022-23 at Great Lakes Institute of Management
Batch Profile PGPM 2022 23 Overview

Inclusive Diversity:

Great Lakes embraces candidates from a wide range of industries, fostering a diverse classroom environment. The program is open to professionals hailing from IT, Mass Media, Marketing Communications, Manufacturing, Automobile, FMCG, Banking and Financial Services, Consulting, Insurance, Pharmacy, and more. The application process prioritizes how applicants have leveraged their industry experiences to their fullest, regardless of their background.

Professor delivering a lecture to students at Great Lakes Institute of Management
Interactive Session at Great Lakes Institute


The PGPM application includes two essays that delve into the applicant’s motivations for pursuing an MBA, their contributions, thought processes, and individuality. These essays serve as a pivotal part of the application, providing a platform to discuss specific academic, professional, and personal initiatives. Applicants have the opportunity to showcase their impact on others, their approach to challenges, and how these experiences can contribute to the PGPM journey.

Analytical Writing Test:

During the Personal Interview phase, candidates are presented with an impromptu essay topic related to industry, economy, or technology developments. This essay gauges general awareness, clarity of thought, ethics, and communication skills. It provides insights into how candidates formulate opinions and engage with contemporary topics.

Personal Interview:

The concluding phase of the selection process, the personal interview, delves into candidates on a personal level. The interview assesses how well candidates align with their application profiles and how effectively they communicate. Parameters include self-awareness, strengths, weaknesses, integrity, and character. The goal is to ascertain authenticity and fit within the PGPM cohort.

Early Interview Process:

In the new early interview process, Cycle 1 applicants without test scores are considered based on profile strength. Those who apply by 30th November and submit their test registration ID’s are eligible. Profile assessment includes academic and professional achievements. Strong profiles lead to personal interview invitations. Test scores can be added within 5 days after receiving them. Early interviewees receive offers earlier, allowing extra time for preparations.

Overall, the Great Lakes PGPM program seeks candidates who are multidimensional and possess qualities that resonate with its values and objectives.

Group of happy graduates walking together in their graduation robes
Joyous Moments of Graduation


  • Tuition Fee Inclusivity: The tuition fee covers reading materials like case studies and textbooks, bolstering the learning experience.
  • Laptop Requirement: A personal laptop meeting institute specifications is mandatory, equipping students for modern academic demands.
  • Residential Mandate: As a residential program, mandatory hostel facilities are provided. Accommodation allocation prioritizes single rooms, with twin-sharing options if needed, accompanied by fee adjustments.
  • Non-Academic Services: Non-academic services such as housing and catering may be outsourced, with the institute facilitating payments to service providers.
  • Meal Inclusions: All meals are included in the fee, primarily vegetarian. Non-vegetarian options are available at an extra cost.
  • Refund Policy: Adhering to AICTE norms, the refund policy aligns with regulatory standards.
  • Dispute Resolution: Jurisdiction for disputes rests with courts in Chennai.

Great Lakes ensures comprehensive support within its fee structure, enhancing the learning journey and overall experience.

Program Fees
Program Fees


The campus placement for the PGPM Class of 2022 underscored an exceptional season, with students securing placements spanning various sectors and functional domains. The outcomes exemplify the program’s effectiveness in preparing graduates for diverse career trajectories.

Compensation Insights:

Highest CTC (Class of 2022): The pinnacle of compensation reached an impressive 20.24 LPA, affirming the value placed on the program’s graduates by leading recruiters.

Average CTC (Top 75% of Class of 2022): The top three-quarters of the class achieved an average CTC of 17.04 LPA, reflecting strong demand for their skillsets across industries.

Average CTC (Class of 2022): The overall average CTC offered to the Class of 2022 stood at a commendable 15.6 LPA, underscoring the program’s consistent ability to secure rewarding career opportunities.

Diverse Industry Participation:

The placement season showcased participation from a diverse array of companies spanning key industries including Analytics, Consulting, Fintech, Internet Business, and IT/ITES. This varied industry engagement underscores the versatility of the program’s curriculum and the adaptability of its graduates.

Prominent Recruiters:

Deloitte and Accenture: Notably, Deloitte and Accenture emerged as the largest recruiters for the PGPM batch, extending 33 offers each. This extensive recruitment from such renowned companies underscores the confidence employers have in the program’s graduates.

Paytm’s Debut: The inclusion of Paytm, a first-time recruiter, is worth highlighting. This organization made 23 offers specifically for analytics roles, reaffirming the alignment between the program’s curriculum and the industry’s evolving demands.

Recruiters List
Recruiters List

The placement outcomes for the PGPM Class of 2022 exemplify the program’s ability to connect students with a wide spectrum of opportunities, while the robust compensation figures reflect the value these graduates bring to the job market. The participation of prominent recruiters and diverse industries further solidify the program’s reputation as a catalyst for impactful career transitions.

Graduate receiving an award at Great Lakes Institute of Management's 19th Convocation ceremony
19th Convocation Ceremony at Great Lakes Institute


In conclusion, the Great Lakes PGPM program stands as a remarkable pathway for professionals seeking to elevate their career trajectories. With its unique blend of an intensive one-year curriculum, holistic selection process, and diverse scholarship opportunities, the program epitomizes excellence in business education.

The program’s emphasis on real-world skills, mentoring from accomplished faculty, and dynamic peer learning ecosystem ensure that graduates are equipped to make a meaningful impact from day one in the corporate world. Furthermore, the program’s recognition by regulatory bodies and its stature among top recruiters underline its standing in the academic and professional spheres.

Aspiring individuals looking for a transformative experience that fosters growth, knowledge, and leadership will find the Great Lakes PGPM to be a pivotal stepping stone toward achieving their goals. By addressing key FAQs and shedding light on the distinctive features of the program, this overview provides valuable insights for prospective students on their journey toward a brighter future in the business landscape.


1. What sets the Great Lakes PGPM apart?

The Great Lakes PGPM offers a unique one-year, full-time Post Graduate Program in Management tailored for candidates with at least 24 months of full-time work experience (21+ months for exceptional candidates). This accelerated program integrates customer-centricity, meritocracy, and corporate ethics into its curriculum, with mentoring from world-class faculty and rich peer learning.

2. How is the fee payment structured?

The fee payment details are provided with the admission offer letter. It can be paid in installments after accepting the offer and before the program’s commencement. Due to the program’s short duration, it’s advisable to plan financial resources ahead of time.

3. Are there any scholarship opportunities?

Yes, Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai, offers two types of scholarships for PGPM students: Dr. Bala V. Balachandran Scholarships and Diversity & Merit-Based Scholarships. These scholarships recognize excellence and diversity among students.

4. What are the selection criteria for the PGPM program?

The PGPM program values holistic evaluation, taking into account work experience, professional achievements, leadership, team skills, attitude, and aptitude. While aptitude test scores play a role in shortlisting, the focus is on a candidate’s overall profile.

5. Is there a Group Discussion component in the selection process?

No, the program has eliminated the Group Discussion component to dedicate more time to deeper assessments during personal interviews.

6. How does the program assess candidates’ communication skills?

The interview process includes an analytical writing test that evaluates candidates’ written communication skills and thought processes.

7. What is the duration of the PGPM program?

The PGPM program has a duration of one year, making it an intensive and focused experience.

8. Who is eligible to apply for the PGPM program?

Candidates with a minimum of 24 months of full-time work experience (21+ months for exceptional candidates) are eligible to apply.

9. Which entrance exams are accepted for admission?

Great Lakes accepts GMAT scores taken after January 1, 2017, CAT scores from 2018 and 2019, as well as XAT scores from 2019 and 2020.

10. Is prior managerial experience necessary for application? – 

No, while some students have managerial experience, the program values demonstrated management capabilities regardless of job titles.

11. Can fresh graduates apply for the PGPM program? – 

The program is designed for professionals with work experience; therefore, fresh graduates may not be eligible.

12. Is the PGPM program recognized by regulatory bodies? 

Yes, the program is approved by AICTE, assuring its quality and adherence to standards.

13. What industries participate in the placement process? – The program attracts a diverse array of industries, including Analytics, Consulting, Fintech, Internet Business, and IT/ITES, offering versatile career opportunities.

14. Which companies are the top recruiters for PGPM? 

Deloitte and Accenture are among the prominent recruiters, extending a significant number of offers.

15. Are there provisions for international candidates? 

Yes, international candidates can apply, but their degrees should be recognized by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU).

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