Introduction to Emory Goizueta MBA Program

The Emory Goizueta MBA program stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of business education, renowned for its commitment to fostering visionary leaders. This program goes beyond conventional learning; it’s a transformative experience that molds individuals into dynamic leaders poised to navigate the ever-evolving complexities of the global business landscape.

Founded in honor of Roberto C. Goizueta, the legendary former CEO of The Coca-Cola Company, Emory Goizueta Business School boasts a storied legacy dating back to 1919. This illustrious history underscores a tradition of academic rigor, innovation, and an unwavering dedication to producing leaders who not only excel in business acumen but also champion ethical leadership and societal impact.

The Emory Goizueta MBA isn’t just about acquiring knowledge—it’s about honing leadership skills, fostering critical thinking, and embracing diverse perspectives. The program’s emphasis on experiential learning and real-world applications equips students with the tools necessary to tackle multifaceted challenges faced by today’s global enterprises.

Moreover, the collaborative learning environment at Emory Goizueta fosters a community of forward-thinking individuals who challenge each other, collaborate passionately, and inspire innovation. It’s this unique blend of academic excellence, practical application, and a commitment to shaping well-rounded leaders that sets the Emory Goizueta MBA apart from its peers.

In essence, the Emory Goizueta MBA isn’t just a degree—it’s a transformative journey that propels individuals toward becoming the leaders of tomorrow, ready to leave a lasting impact on the business world.

Emory University's Goizueta Business School edifice representing academic excellence
The iconic Goizueta Business School building a hub of innovative business education at Emory University

Curriculum Offerings and Specializations

The MBA curriculum at Emory Goizueta is designed to foster critical thinking, leadership skills, and adaptability. With a diverse array of concentrations such as Finance, Marketing, and Healthcare, students tailor their academic journey to align with their career aspirations.

Graduation cap with MBA text, symbolizing business management education
The MBA journey culminates in not just a degree but a transformation into business leadership

Emory Goizueta MBA Admission Requirements and Application Process

Prospective candidates undergo a meticulous selection process focusing on academic achievements, professional experience, leadership potential, and personal attributes. The application process involves essays, interviews, and recommendations, ensuring a holistic evaluation.

  • $175 application fee from all MBA applicants.
  • Goizueta Business School provides applicants the opportunity to request a waiver from the standardized test requirement for applications to the Full-Time MBA programs. The test waiver is for candidates who can show evidence they are prepared for graduate-level business coursework based on their academic background and work experience.
  • A conferred bachelor’s degree and full-time, professional work experience, post undergraduate studies, are required to submit the Test Waiver Application.
  • A one- or two-page résumé.
  • Two letters of recommendations.
  • Interviews are by invitation only.
Timeline of application deadlines for Emory's MBA program
Strategically plan your application submission around the key deadlines for Emorys MBA program

Let us dive into the essay analysis for Emory MBA 2023-2024;

Essay 1

What will professional success look like immediately after your MBA experience? Please describe where you would like this degree program to take you professionally. Include information such as desired job title, responsibilities, company, impact, and/or industry. Explain how your professional experiences and personal strengths align with your post-MBA goals. (200 word limit)

Essay Prompt Analysis:

1. Context Setting: The prompt seeks your vision for professional success immediately after completing the MBA program. Emory wants insight into your post-MBA aspirations, focusing on specifics such as job title, responsibilities, company, impact, and industry.

2. Desired Career Destination: You’re required to articulate a clear professional destination – a desired job title, responsibilities you aim to undertake, the industry you wish to be a part of, and potentially even a specific company or type of organization.

3. Alignment of Experience and Strengths: The essay asks you to elucidate how your past professional experiences and personal strengths connect with your post-MBA objectives. Emory seeks an understanding of how your background has prepared you for this envisioned future and how your strengths complement your goals.

4. Concise Expression: The stringent 200-word limit necessitates concise, clear, and impactful writing. Each sentence and word must contribute significantly to your overall message.


  1. Clarity of Goals: Begin by clearly stating your post-MBA aspirations, specifying the job title, industry, responsibilities, and potential impact.
  2. Linking Experiences: Highlight specific instances from your professional journey that directly relate to your future goals. Discuss how these experiences have shaped your skill set and prepared you for the envisioned role.
  3. Demonstrate Alignment: Connect your personal strengths and skills to the requirements and demands of your future role and industry. Show how your unique abilities make you a suitable candidate for your desired position.

Remember, the key to a successful essay is specificity, coherence, and relevance. Be direct in your response while showcasing a strong alignment between your past, present, and future professional endeavors.

Essay 2

Goizueta Business School is a values-driven community with a mission to prepare principled leaders to have an influence on business and society. Please tell us which of the Goizueta Core Values (Courage, Accountability, Integrity, Rigor, Diversity, Team, Community) resonates most with you and share a personal account of demonstrating leadership in this area within your current or previous company or service organization. The committee is interested in a personal story of leadership. (200 word limit)

The Emory MBA essay prompt for Goizueta Business School’s values-driven community emphasizes the identification of a core value that resonates most with you and requires you to share a personal experience demonstrating leadership in this particular value within your current or past professional or service-oriented context. The prompt suggests selecting from Goizueta’s Core Values: Courage, Accountability, Integrity, Rigor, Diversity, Team, and Community.

To effectively address this essay, you’ll need to:

  1. Select a Core Value: Carefully choose a core value that deeply resonates with you based on your experiences and beliefs.
  2. Provide a Personal Account: Share a specific, concise, and compelling personal story that demonstrates your leadership in the chosen value within a work or service-related setting.
  3. Show Impact and Leadership: Highlight your role in embodying and promoting this value, showcasing how your actions or decisions positively influenced business or society.
  4. Stay within the Word Limit: Adhere to the stringent word limit of 200 words, ensuring that your response is succinct yet powerful in conveying your story and leadership within the chosen value.

When addressing the essay prompt, it’s crucial to showcase authenticity, self-awareness, and the alignment of your values with those of the Goizueta Business School community. Moreover, demonstrating concrete examples of leadership and impact in the chosen value will strengthen your essay and resonate with the admissions committee.

Remember, while writing this essay, focus on quality over quantity and ensure that your narrative is clear, engaging, and aligned with Goizueta’s mission of preparing principled leaders to influence both business and society.

Video Essay

Telling your story through written essays is an important part of the application, but the video essay lets us hear your words in your own voice. In the required video essay, every candidate will answer a “small talk” question to help the MBA Admissions Committee get to know you. The video essay instructions and link are located in your application portal.

The essay prompt for Emory’s MBA program involves a video essay component where candidates are given the opportunity to express themselves verbally. While written essays are a crucial part of the application, the video essay allows the admissions committee to hear directly from applicants in their own words.

The primary goal of the video essay is to provide a more personal and authentic glimpse into each candidate’s personality, communication style, and overall demeanor. This differs from the written essays, as it gives applicants the chance to convey their thoughts, experiences, and motivations through spoken language, tone, and non-verbal cues.

The specific content of the video essay revolves around a “small talk” question. This type of question aims to initiate a casual conversation and doesn’t necessarily have a right or wrong answer. Instead, it serves as a platform for candidates to showcase their spontaneity, communication skills, and the ability to engage in a relaxed yet meaningful conversation.

Candidates should focus on being themselves and presenting their genuine selves during the video essay. It’s an opportunity to share unique aspects of their personality, experiences, or perspectives that might not be fully captured in a written format.

Additionally, applicants should consider the context and purpose of the video essay. It’s not meant to be a highly rehearsed or scripted performance. Instead, it’s an opportunity to showcase authenticity, confidence, and the ability to think on one’s feet while conveying information in a concise and engaging manner.

Overall, the video essay offers a different dimension to the application by allowing candidates to showcase their interpersonal skills, communication abilities, and personal attributes in a dynamic and unscripted format. It’s essential for applicants to approach this component with authenticity, enthusiasm, and a genuine desire to connect with the admissions committee.

Optional Essay

If there is an important part of your story missing from your MBA application (e.g., unexplained gaps in work experience, choice of recommenders, past academic challenges), please use this section to provide a brief explanation. Please use bullets if you need to address more than one topic. (200 word limit)

Let’s break down the essay prompt for the optional essay in Emory’s MBA application:

1. Purpose of the Essay:

  • The essay aims to offer applicants an opportunity to address any significant gaps or aspects of their profile that haven’t been adequately explained in other parts of their application.
  • Emory invites candidates to clarify any inconsistencies or address specific issues related to their work experience, choice of recommenders, academic challenges, or any other relevant circumstances.

2. Flexibility in Addressing Multiple Topics:

  • The prompt allows candidates to address more than one topic by using bullet points, indicating that applicants can cover various areas of concern within the 200-word limit.
  • It encourages concise, targeted responses to ensure clarity and relevance in addressing each specific issue.

3. Emphasis on Clarity and Brevity:

  • The word limit of 200 words necessitates a clear, focused explanation. Applicants should be succinct in their writing while providing sufficient context to explain the particular aspect(s) they choose to address.
  • This limitation underscores the importance of being direct and avoiding unnecessary details or lengthy explanations.

4. Opportunity for Positive Narrative:

  • Although the essay addresses potential weaknesses or gaps in the application, it also presents an opportunity for applicants to demonstrate self-awareness, resilience, and growth.
  • Candidates can use this section strategically to showcase their ability to overcome challenges or explain decisions that may not be immediately evident from other parts of their application.

5. Admissions Committee’s Perspective:

  • The essay serves as a tool for the admissions committee to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the candidate’s background and experiences.
  • It allows applicants to proactively address any concerns or questions that the committee might have, thereby contributing to a more holistic evaluation of the applicant’s profile.

In summary, the optional essay for Emory’s MBA application offers applicants the chance to provide succinct, targeted explanations regarding any significant gaps or unexplained aspects of their profile. It encourages clarity, brevity, and a positive narrative to supplement the overall application.

Faculty and Learning Environment

The faculty members at Emory Goizueta blend academic expertise with real-world insights, fostering an engaging learning environment. Their mentorship cultivates innovative thinking and encourages students to challenge conventional wisdom.

Diverse group of MBA students at Emory University
A vibrant community of aspiring leaders embarking on their MBA journey at Emory Goizueta

Career Opportunities and Alumni Network

Emory Goizueta’s MBA opens doors to a vast network of alumni and corporate partners, facilitating career advancement opportunities worldwide. The Career Management Center provides resources and guidance for securing internships and post-MBA placements. The average salary for the class of 2022 at Emory stands at 162,500USD.

Illustration of career advancement through MBA education
An MBA from Goizueta equips you with the tools to ascend the corporate ladder with confidence

Campus Facilities and Resources

The state-of-the-art facilities and resources at Emory Goizueta empower students to excel academically and professionally. The campus boasts cutting-edge technology, collaborative spaces, and extensive research libraries.

Notable Achievements and Rankings

Consistently recognized for academic excellence and leadership development, Emory Goizueta MBA program secures top-tier rankings in global business education, reaffirming its commitment to delivering unparalleled value.

Student Life and Extracurricular Activities

Beyond academics, Emory Goizueta fosters a vibrant community through various clubs, societies, and events. These platforms offer opportunities for networking, personal growth, and fostering lifelong connections.

Impact of Emory Goizueta MBA on Professional Growth

The program’s impact transcends academics, instilling a holistic approach to leadership, ethics, and social responsibility. Graduates emerge as versatile leaders poised to make a meaningful impact on the global business landscape.

Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Emory Goizueta Business School embraces diversity as a cornerstone of its community, fostering an inclusive environment that celebrates varied perspectives and experiences.

Conclusion – Summarizing Key Points

In summary, Emory Goizueta’s MBA stands as a transformative journey, not just an academic pursuit. It’s a testament to the school’s commitment to nurturing versatile leaders equipped to navigate the intricacies of the global business landscape. The comprehensive curriculum, coupled with a vibrant learning environment and distinguished faculty, fosters a holistic approach to leadership, ethics, and social responsibility.

Graduates of Emory Goizueta emerge as more than professionals; they are visionary leaders ready to make a tangible impact in various industries. The program’s emphasis on diversity, inclusion, and global perspectives ensures that graduates possess a well-rounded understanding of today’s interconnected world.

Frequently asked questions about the Emory MBA program
Get answers to your pressing queries about the Emory Goizueta MBA program

FAQs about Emory Goizueta MBA

  1. What sets Emory Goizueta MBA apart from other programs? Emory Goizueta MBA stands out due to its blend of academic excellence, practical application, and a strong focus on leadership development. The program’s commitment to holistic growth, diversity, and ethical leadership distinguishes it from others.
  2. How does the school support career development and job placement? The Career Management Center at Emory Goizueta provides a wide range of resources, including career coaching, networking events, company connections, and internship opportunities, aiding students in securing post-MBA positions.
  3. Can students pursue dual degrees or special programs alongside the MBA? Yes, Emory Goizueta offers opportunities for students to pursue dual degrees or certificate programs in conjunction with the MBA, allowing them to tailor their education to their specific interests and career goals.
  4. What is the average class profile at Emory Goizueta Business School? The class profile typically comprises a diverse cohort of accomplished professionals from various backgrounds, industries, and nationalities, enriching the learning experience with diverse perspectives.
  5. Are there opportunities for scholarships or financial aid for MBA candidates? Emory Goizueta Business School offers a range of scholarships and financial aid options based on merit, need, and diversity to support qualified candidates pursuing their MBA.

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