So, last year despite all the hard work on your application and / or interview preparation, you could not get through to ISB. We know how hard it must’ve been to absorb the pain of a rejection. If you are re-applying this year, then first congratulate yourself for not giving up and trying one more time! This blog will act as a guide through the process. Here are the things you should focus on / do,

  • Reflect on the last attempt: This is the most challenging step in the journey. You need to reflect on why you couldn’t get through last year. Was it the essays, rest of the application, or the interviews (or a combination of these)? Rather than going through this step on your own, reach out to an ISB alum to gather an honest feedback because you might still be in the ‘I gave it my best shot’ mindset
  • Take steps to do more this year:  Once you’ve figured out what lacked in your attempt last year, get to work! Take help from a consultant or an ISB alum it was the structure of the essays or application, get a better GMAT score if it was low, do a good project at work if the professional achievements lacked impact, pick up a hobby or join an NGO (with genuine interest) if ECA was the problem, take interview coaching if that was the problem, etc

The whole process of re-applying is tough and needs a lot more grit and determination than applying afresh. Hence, fully commit yourself to the process and the results will follow!

If you need help in analysing what went wrong last year and planning your re-application journey, then do reach out to us at [email protected]

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