The Masters’ Union School of Business, Gurgaon, opened its doors in 2020. It is a cutting-edge, technologically oriented business school where prominent CXOs, MDs, professors, and public figures teach students. Arun Maira (Former Chairman, BCG, India), Karthik Ramanna (Director, University of Oxford), Narendra Jadhav (Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha, and Former Chief Economist, RBI), Alok Saraogi (Former Country Manager, Amazon Inc.), Malavika R. Harita (Former CEO, Saatchi & Saatchi, India), and Bhaskar Chakravorti are just a few of the notable names. The selection process’ strict standards are on par with those of the nation’s leading B-Schools, such as ISB, and IIMs.

There is a Lab for Genetics and Biotech Businesses, a Center for New Business Models, Blockchain Business Research Center, a Center for Applied Machine Learning, Agriculture and Food Innovation Center, Global Private Equity Research Center, a Center for New Business Models, Startup School, and Masters’ Union Investment Fund at Master’s Union.


With its unique 16-month framework, the PGP TBM at Masters’ Union incorporates the greatest worldwide trends in management education through an accelerated pedagogical approach. Designed to be a fast-paced academic experience, it includes 12 Months of rigorous academic training in core areas and industry concentrations with three months of internship and industry immersion, with opportunities to network and seek mentorship.

The tuition fee for the program is INR 20 lacs. It excludes personal expenditures.

Various scholarships are offered by the school such as:

– Karthik Ramanna Merit-based Scholarships: Merit-based scholarship that is need-blind and provides full and partial tuition exemptions, as determined by the selection panel. This prize is awarded to students with outstanding academic records and test results.

– Malavika R Harita Scholarship for Women: The Masters’ Union extends this award to deserving female applicants with great education and/or career track records, in addition to the ambition and ability to emerge as an industry pioneer.

– Mukund Rajan India-Bound Scholarship: This scholarship is intended for candidates of Indian origin (i.e. PIO card holders) who wish to interact with the Indian private sector, as well as Indian professionals living abroad who want to return to India to pursue a world-class education that will help them advance in their careers.

– Narendra Jadhav Diversity Scholarship: This fellowship recognizes excellent students from the Indian subcontinent’s neglected and underserved populations, such as the Northeast, Ladakh, Bhutan, and the tribal belts of the Indian hinterland.

– MU Scholarship for Young Leaders: The MU Scholarship for Young Leaders seeks to find recent graduates who have demonstrated extraordinary drive and leadership potential while in college by actively participating in student-led committees, organizations, and other projects. To be eligible for this grant, candidates must submit a 250-400 word essay outlining their leadership positions and quantifiable accomplishments.

– MU Scholarship for Technology Leaders: This scholarship is for applicants who have demonstrated technology-oriented leadership through innovations, patents, or research, either as students or in their jobs, and who want to advance their careers in the field of technology.

– MU Scholarship for Entrepreneurs: Funds candidates who have had entrepreneurial experience with varying degrees of success and want to obtain new skills and academic views to continue in their area of work are eligible for funding. Candidates must have over a year of entrepreneurial experience to be eligible. Candidates must provide a 250-400 word essay on their entrepreneurship experience. This will be used to assess their candidacy.


The MBA cohort typically represents a wide array of industries and professional backgrounds, providing a great learning experience.

The batch at Master’s Union has 120 students with an average age of 24.5 years. Students from a variety of backgrounds apply at the Masters’ Union, Gurgaon. Admissions for the current academic year include graduates from Engineering, Computing, Business, Liberal Arts, Natural Sciences, Architecture, and other fields. The majority of them had worked in IT, Consultation, Manufacturing, and Consumer, with only a handful having worked in Finance. With credentials from major businesses such as Amazon, McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, Taj Hotel Group, and others, the average drawn CTC from their prior workplaces was close to INR 10.5 LPA.

The average work experience for the MBA is 3.7 years which ensures that students contribute richly to classroom learning by bringing forward their varied industry experience. 


Highly Individualized Curriculum

The PGP TBM is an extremely flexible program that can be highly customized to meet the needs of each student’s career aspirations. The school offers 197 courses in the following concentrations – 

Learn by Doing, Not by attending lectures

The PGP TBM is a highly customizable curriculum that may be tailored to each student’s specific professional goals. Following are the features of the “Learn by Doing” concept of Master’s Union. 

Student Life

Student clubs
Masters’ Union is a community of creative and accomplished people from around the world.

Business Clubs – Student-led business clubs are responsible for organising business focussed networking and speaker events on campus, as well as career treks. Some of the current business clubs are: 

– Union Chase: The Consulting Club

– Tech Union: The Fintech Club

– Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club

– Product Management Club

– Marketing Club

Art, Cultural and Recreational Clubs – Some of the Art, Cultural, and Recreational Clubs include:

– Olympia: The Sports Club

– The Gastronomical Club

– B. Well: The Wellness Club

– SEVA: The Social Work Club

– Crescendo: The Music Club

– Public Policy Club

Psychological Counselling for Self Development

The Master’s Union Students have access to psychological counseling tools to help them develop as individuals holistically. Masters’ Union has collaborated with YourDost, a well-known counseling and emotional support website, to provide the students with the following services:

– Students have access to therapy through chat and video call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

– They meet with a skilled and registered psychological counsellor regularly.

– Students are guaranteed total confidentiality.


Lifelong Membership of the Union

Students continue to remain Union members, with access to coworking space, leadership lectures, daily meals, and other advantages.

Networking Dinners

The Union, in collaboration with several student groups, organizes theme-based networking dinners to introduce students to leaders and veterans from all areas of life.

Masters’ Access

Students have access to any Master during their office hours as a student. They may exchange ideas, analyze proposals, and receive comments on their assignments.

Resourceful Alumni Group

Each fellow is a confirmed company owner, intellectual, or artist who is obligated to help one another for the rest of their life.

Research Centers

One of the distinctive program features of Masters’ Union is its commitment to establishing a strong research foundation that capitalizes on the opportunities provided by the new-age economy while also addressing its key challenges, particularly in the area of digital and emerging technologies, which are already disrupting most industries and reshaping various sectors. The research findings from these cutting-edge facilities are used to:

– Create innovative business models.

– Investigate new business potential in developing technology.

– Launch game-changing business innovations

– Work’s future must be redefined.

Furthermore, as is the case at most renowned business schools across the world, the resident Masters from various corporate domains and academic fields will continue to be active in original management research that will strengthen the students’ learning experience.


Career Development Journey

Throughout the program’s eight terms, the Union will organize a variety of events including seminars, training, panel discussions, and group, and one-on-one counseling sessions, and will work on developing individualized career advancement plans for each student.

The placement statistics for the class of 2021 are as follows. 


Eligibility Criteria 

Academics – 3-4 years Bachelor’s or Undergraduate Degree in any discipline from a recognized institution.

Work Experience – While work experience of 2-4 years is ideal, open to considering freshers and older students as well.

Test Scores – GMAT, GRE, or CAT scores are required. In case, neither are available, applicants must take the Masters’ Union- Business Aptitude and Admissions Test (MU-BAAT).

Admission Process 

Step 1 – Submit the PGP TBM online application along with the following: 

Documents Required –
i) Latest Resume
ii) Up to 2 References from any of the following: Direct Managers, VCs or Angel Investors, Mentors, Teachers or Professors (undergrad level and above), Customers or Partners

The Essay Section: Candidates will get two prompts, with two options each. The first prompt is mandatory while the second one is optional. Each of these prompts can be answered either through a text-based response between 300 and 500 words or a video-based response of not more than 2 minutes in length.

Supplementary information –  This space is provided to talk about something the application form has not covered, regarding educational/professional gaps, medical history, etc. via an essay/video response in the document upload section.

Step 2 – Take the MU-BAAT (if GMAT/GRE or CAT not taken)

Step 3 – Interview – If shortlisted, the candidate will be invited for an in-person interview. The interview panel will consist of eminent Masters from academia and the industry, as well as members of the core team.

The interviews will be conducted at the Gurugram campus, and over Zoom in exceptional cases.

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