It is said that getting into ISB is the easier part. The real battle begins once you go to campus. From experience, we can assure you, it is absolutely true! You forgo one year salary, spend lacs in fee, but most importantly, you give one year of your life to ISB. However, its upto you what you make of the one year. At every step, you are faced with choices, whether to contest for that Club President position, whether to go for an ELP, whether to participate in a case competition, how important is GPA? The questions are endless. Not to worry, through our ISB Mentorship programme, you will get your friend, philosopher and guide – an ISB alumnus who will be available to mentor you through the one year and guide you to achieve your goals at ISB.

Remember, what you do at ISB defineswho you become in your post-ISB career.

You get:

  • One goal-setting & strategy session with your mentor (an ISB alumnus) before ISB classes begin
  • Guidance on pre-readings before the ISB session begins
  • Unlimited interaction with your mentor (an ISB alumnus) throughout your year at ISB. Get guidance on ELP selection, elective selection, club & event team elections, etc.
  • Unlimited resume reviews before ISB placements
  • 3 Mock interviews before placements at ISB (with 3 different ISB alumni)

Rs. 30,000

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