The ISB Admissions Gyaan Session #5


Organized by: strategy4gmat

A 1-hour YouTube session with ISB alumni to discuss the ISB PGP Application Essays for the class of 2018-19. In this session, we will discuss how to differentiate yourself in the ISB application. Will also discuss various facets of the life at ISB - academics, placements, clubs etc. You can email your questions at

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Past Events

ISB Admission's Gyaan Session #4, our biggest Gyaan session this season, was attended by an enthusiastic bunch of ISB aspirants who asked so many questions that we ran short of time! We started by detailing how to go about writing an impactful second essay (career goals and Why MBA / Why ISB) and then spoke about various facets of the life at ISB. Check out the video for more.

15 July 2017

The 2nd ISB Admissions Gyaan Session by Strategy4GMAT was held on 10th June, 2017. We discussed various facets of life at ISB and the admissions process in particular. Focused on the changes in the application form and the essays this year. Also spoke about academics, placements, ELPs, Hyderabad vs Mohali campus, clubs etc. In the Q&A session, took up questions posted by the attendees. Overall, a fun & interactive session!

10 June 2017

The 3rd ISB Admissions Gyaan Session where we did a "deep dive" into writing a solid first essay. With ISB doing away with the reapplicant and optional essays, the first essay has become more important this year. Watch the video to find out how to go about writing an effective first essay. We also answered questions around age, career changes post ISB, how to fill the application form - the work experience, hobbies, awards section etc.

15 July 2017