The Indian School of Business is one of the top 30 B-schools in the world and best b-school in the country. As the number of applicants grow, so do the ‘truths’ or ‘theories’ about the admissions process and what the adcom wants in an application.

Through our experience over the past few years and interactions with successful candidates, here’s an attempt [ ... ]

ISB PGP Application Essay 2018 - 2019 Analysis (2019 intake, Class of 2020)

The application portal for Indian School of Business’ flagship Post Graduate Programme (PGP) and Early Entry Option (EEO) is now live. It can be seen that the school has decided to reintroduce the “Optional Essay” and “Re-applicant Essay” after scrapping it last y [ ... ]

When you see the Indian School of Business (ISB) campus sprawling with sharply dressed students carrying documents in their hands and walking swiftly to reach their intended destination, you know the placement season has commenced at ISB. With over 800 students interviewing with around 300 companies, the environment around campus at this time is a blend of nervousness, anxiety, grit and confide [ ... ]

Getting that interview call seems like you are almost there, isn’t it? Well, it’s not quite!

2 out of 3 people, who make it to the interviews, do NOT make it to top schools like ISB. Hence, it is extremely important for one to leave a lasting impression on the interviewer(s).

Based on our experience of interviewing candidates each year as well as from our ISB int [ ... ]

Almost all the topics we’d cover in the Know Your B-school Series would focus on what the class can professionally gain from the ISB experience. This one is about the joy of giving back and making the day for someone else- the underprivileged children- Bandhan.

Every 15th August, the school hosts over 200 children from several selected NGOs and schools for a day of fun [ ... ]

After the intense workload of Term 2 with endless hours of Markstrat, DMOP massacre, competitive strategy assignment and memories of Aikya, Term 3 brings a fresh breath of air for the finance folks!

By this term, the students are used to the rigmarole of the fast-paced life (blink a few times and the term ends!) and most of them have chosen thei [ ... ]

Today, we’ll cover the first major event of the year where a few professional and social clubs come together to organize it and set the ball rolling for the year- The Aikya Launch.

Aikya is a unique initiative by ISB to connect students with the local business community in Mohali and Hyderabad. Although the ‘business’ in those ‘connections’ is very limite [ ... ]

In our earlier post, we provided an overview of the Graduate Student Board (GSB). Today, we share a perspective on the clubs (professional and social) at ISB.

Outside the lecture theatres and academics, almost anything you do at ISB would pertain to one (or more) of the student clubs. 

There are two categories of clubs at ISB - professional (focusing on career interests [ ... ]

Today, we'll cover the engine which makes sure you get the most out of your experience at ISB, the Graduate Student Board (GSB).

According to ISB, “The Graduate Student Association (GSA) is an organization of the students of the Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP). The organization is governed by the GSB and it comprises representatives elected by members of the GSA, [ ... ]

In the first edition of our 'Know Your B-School Better' series, we took you through the O-week journey (if you missed reading it, click here). Today, we'll give you an insight into the eye-opener - Term 1 at ISB!

The academic calendar at ISB [ ... ]

We got a number of queries during the ISB Admissions Gyan Sessions from prospective applicants who are over 30 (i.e. with more than 8-9 years of experience). Let’s call them ‘O30’.

Is ISB the right fit for me? Will my application be considered differently? What are the prospects a [ ... ]

The orientation week or the “O-week” as it is commonly referred to at ISB is the first glimpse for the class into the year that will be. The aim of this week is to let the class get to know each other, get familiar with the campus and pass-on the baton to the incoming class.

The activities for the whole week are organized by the recently-graduated alumni who start the prep [ ... ]

So, last time, despite all the hard work on your application (and interview preparation, if applicable), you could not get through to ISB. We know how hard it must’ve been to absorb the pain of a rejection. If you are re-applying this year, then first congratulate yourself for not giving up and trying one more time! Next, read further as this blog will act as a guide through the process. [ ... ]

Embarking on your journey to ISB, you start preparing for the first hurdle – the GMAT. The GMAT, testing nuances of quantitative aptitude & verbal ability (along with your power to reason and articulate your thoughts well) has been a nightmare for a lot of test takers. While many do well & achieve their target scores, many others achieve a sub-optimal score. Then comes the million [ ... ]

Applying to ISB (or any top B-school) involves a lot of research – research about the school, the faculty, the class profile, recruiters etc. With a lot of research, come a lot of questions too! One common question that ISB applicants ask is whether to apply in Round 1 or Round 2. In this article, we talk about various factors considered while applying and why we believe applying in Round [ ... ]

The GMAT has been an arduous test. It’s an exam that not only tests your quantitative ability, verbal ability, analytical writing and reasoning, but also tests a variety of managerial traits - strategy & time management being one of them. Until a few years ago, the GMAT was a "relatively rigid" test with little flexibility, especially in terms of the order of sections.

[ ... ]

ISB has announced the essay topics for 2018 intake (class of 2019) applications. Unlike previous years, there are only two essays (even for re-applicants). However, the underlying tenet remains the same, i.e. ‘Why you’ and ‘Why PGP (thereby ISB)’. Here’s our take on the essays and the themes which you should cover. 

Essay 1: If we were to adm [ ... ]

The GMAT is a unique test, test various managerial capabilities and personality traits of a candidates, apart from quantitative and verbal abilities. The start to your MBA journey, it becomes an important milestone for various applicants and why shouldn’t it be? – a higher GMAT score will always carry more weight on an application.

Given the importance of this test, candid [ ... ]

The GMAT is a marathon test. Apart from testing the quant and verbal aptitude, the four-hour long exam also tests various soft skills of the candidate including the ability to handle pressure, decide among various options diligently and most importantly, time management.

Timing is of essence on the GMAT. It is the most single-most important factor that differentiates between a high-60 [ ... ]

The best admission consultants for ISB are ISB alumni who provide admissions consulting services. Having "been there, done that" not only during the ISB application phase but also during the 1 year at ISB and thereafter, they bring with them experience that other consultants (ex-admissions team at ISB or ISB YLP / EEO admits) find hard to offer. Let's have a detailed look at how o [ ... ]

A common essay question ISB asks the applicant (in one form or another) is “Why MBA?” and “Why ISB?”. While everyone has his/her own motivations for applying to an MBA program, there are some common reasons for choosing ISB. Some of the major ones are elucidated below:

The most frequently asked essay question at ISB (and all other major B schools) is why you should be selected for the programme. Here, the admissions committee is looking to know you better. This is your chance to showcase who you are and what you bring to the class at ISB. Hence, make the most of this opportunity and keep in mind the following points:

Getting into a top B-school is no mean feat. It is a journey that needs mastery at every step – applications as well as the interview. While the interview is important, the applications are key being the first round of elimination. For the 2017 intake, we achieved 94% success, i.e. 94% of our clients who submitted their ISB application got an interview call. Reflecting on this, we thought [ ... ]

There is tough competition for a spot in the list of admits at ISB. Hence, your application needs to be flawless to at least get considered for an interview call. The good part is, most applicants make similar mistakes and if you avoid them, your chances automatically improve!
We have already covered ... ]

Getting into a top tier B-school is a dream. And as you are aware, it is not easy. Faced with many strong applications, it is a difficult job for the admissions committee (adcom) to decide on which ones to select for the next round. Hence, differentiating yourself in your application is a must. Otherwise, you would remain a mere number in the pool of applications. So, how do you really differen [ ... ]

ISB is one of the most prestigious B-schools in India. In fact, it is amongst the top 30 B-schools globally, ranked 27th according to the latest FT MBA Rankings 2017. Given its global exposure, and its world-renowned faculty, which is assembled from top B–schools across the globe, the ISB MBA is also one of the most expensive MBA programmes in the country. According to the ISB website, th [ ... ]

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