ISB: Who are the Best ISB admission consultants?

While looking for help for your MBA application, you would like to work with nothing but the best. After all, you are going to entrust your consultant with arguably the most important decision of your career.
While many people claim to be the “best” out there (some even claiming a 90% success rate into ISB and helping 1/3 of the class!), we believe you should take an independent call before zeroing in on a consultant. To help you assess, given below are some of the key factors to be considered while deciding on whom to consult for your ISB / MBA application.
First hand experience of the application process: Firstly, the “best” ISB consultant can only be one who is an ISB MBA herself. Someone who has been in your shoes before and understands what it takes to get over the line. Remember, a good cricket coach can only be one who has played cricket at the highest level and knows how it feels to be on the field, especially in tough situations.

Secondly, knowledge of the B school is important. Best consultants are those should not only know the ISB application process very well, but also know all aspects of the life at ISB. This helps write beautiful application essays which are the first & the biggest hurdle in the ISB application process. In-depth knowledge of the school and first-hand experience (if they are ISB alumni themselves) comes in handy at this stage. In your ISB application essays, you need to pitch yourself to the admissions committee (adcom), i.e. why should you be admitted to the school? This requires you to link your experience / skills to the ISB class experience, which means you should understand the life at ISB very well. Knowledge of clubs, events, courses, placement process etc. helps you demonstrate your research and knowledge about the PGP program & the school and hence present a strong application.

Consulting experience: Not all good players can be good coaches. Hence, it’s important to have years of consulting / mentoring experience so as to transfer knowledge effectively to ISB aspirants. Best consultants for ISB or any other MBA program will help you bring out the best story for your application essays and then ensure that your case is presented in the best manner possible.  

A good team: A good team helps you get a good experience. This is especially true for ISB interviews where you need exposure to different interviewing styles (consulting case based, behavioural, stress etc.) to be prepared for anything and everything that comes your way during the final interview.

Overall, in our view, an experienced team, preferably comprising ISB alumni, is your best bet for ISB admissions - application essays and interviews.

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