ISB: The Professional and Social Clubs - Your platforms for Networking & Learning

In this blog, we share a perspective on the clubs (professional and social) at ISB.

Outside the lecture theatres and academics, almost anything you do at ISB would pertain to one (or more) of the student clubs. 

There are two categories of clubs at ISB - professional (focusing on career interests and goals) and social (focusing on personal interests and hobbies). Each club has a president, who eventually reports to the GSB President. Like the GSB members, the club presidents are chosen through elections post extensive campaigning, manifestos, soapbox presentations, etc. The presidents then choose their core team based on expressions of interest (EOI) or interviews of the interested students.

Professional clubs provide a platform to apply classroom learning to the outside world. The clubs also help connect the students with alumni from various industries via speaker sessions, fireside chats, industry treks, etc. No surprises that the most popular professional clubs are Consulting, Marketing and Business Technology clubs since most of the students target these industries for placements. The students get an opportunity to vote for upto 3 clubs and automatically become members of those clubs. However, to encourage learning, there is no cap on the number of members in a club and anyone outside the club is free to attend events organized by it.

The social clubs bring out the diversity and talents of the class with events such as jam sessions, dance competitions / workshops, quizzes, GoT or El Clásico screenings, etc. The diversity ranges from the dance and music to clubs such as radio and wine & brew (yes, all spirits catered to!). The social club events are meant for unwinding after the hectic acads or picking up a new hobby which you won’t have time to explore otherwise.

The students can also form a new professional or social club given there is significant interest / consent (usually >50% of the class). They start with a Special Interest Group (SIG) to conduct a few activities to garner interest. The Public Policy Club was born out of such an initiative and currently there are 3 SIGs at ISB - Wildlife and Animal Welfare Enthusiasts (WAWE), Travel and Adventure, and Wellness.

All clubs work as a cohesive unit and you’d see one or more of these clubs organizing or participating in a number of events jointly. For e.g. the music club would perform a gig during the Bandhan celebrations led by the Net Impact Club or the photography club would cover almost all events on campus to get you those Facebook memories.

Application Tip: Based on your past experience or hobbies, you could mention about leading a club during ISB and also the kind of activities you’d like to drive. In case there are no clubs covering your intent, then an SIG could be an option. However, do check with an alumnus (or a current student) before choosing the SIG option. Like the GSB members, with great titles come greater responsibilities so be prepared to juggle a lot more activities and academics at the same time.

Alumni Speak: “Being the President of the Finance Club at ISB, the challenges of juggling a number of things came with opportunities to improve multi-tasking and time management skills, meet alumni and the who’s who of the financial industry, and lead and get work done from my peers, helping me develop my leadership skills.” Abhishek Chawla, Co-founder, Strategy4GMAT
Some useful videos to give you more perspective:

Bandhan (organized by the Net Impact Club)

Artha 2013 Introduction (organized by the Finance Club)