When are you really ready to take the GMAT

The GMAT is a unique test, test various managerial capabilities and personality traits of a candidates, apart from quantitative and verbal abilities. The start to your MBA journey, it becomes an important milestone for various applicants and why shouldn’t it be? – a higher GMAT score will always carry more weight on an application.

Given the importance of this test, candidates spend months in preparation, carefully bal;ancing work and preparation, most of them devoting significant time on the weekends at the cost of their sacrificing their sacrificing personal / social life and other interests.


However, even after months of preparation, various candidates are not sure if they are ready for the test. I believe, the answer to this is very simple. You are ready for the test when you have a solid strategy in place for the test. Think of the GMAT as the finals of a sports tournament. As you would need to have a solid strategy in place before the finals and know exactly how you would tackle various challenges thrown at you, you need to be prepared for the challenges you will face during the test. You need to know exactly how to tackle question form a particular area (e.g. SC, DS, CR, etc.), what to do in case you fall behind on time, to invest time or not if you faced with a long RC-passage towards the end of the test, etc.


A solid strategy goes far in deciding your performance on the GMAT. It really is the deal maker (or the deal breaker). So before deciding on the test date, ask yourself, are you really prepared to take the GMAT? (i.e. do you have a sound strategy in place for the GMAT?)

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