ISB: The Orientation Week (O Week)

The orientation week or the “O-week” as it is commonly referred to at ISB is the first glimpse for the class into the year that will be. The aim of this week is to let the class get to know each other, get familiar with the campus and pass-on the baton to the incoming class.

The activities for the whole week are organized by the recently-graduated alumni who start the preparations much before their session is over. Hence, in addition to completion of their final term assignments, examinations and goodbyes, they toil hard to ensure that the incoming class has a fun and learning experience.

The week starts off with the registrations followed by the Dean's dinner to formally welcome the incoming class which followed by a party hosted by the alums.

The following days are filled with activities such as the treasure hunt (which helps you know the campus better), club info sessions, section wars (through a number of sports events), full-day LEAD programme sessions, business simulation games, all-night parties, etc. The students are required to participate in ALL events! 

With 3-4 hours of sleep every day and a bunch of such activities, the class quickly gets used to the rigor and fun that lies ahead.

The week is capped-off with the talent night wherein the true diversity of the class comes out and the current class shows their hidden (or apparent) talents such as dancing, music, acting, to name a few.

Here are a few videos from previous O weeks to give you a sense of the fun-filled week and the life at ISB.

Glimpse of Life at ISB:

Moments from the ISB Class of 2015 O Week Team:

ISB Class of 2016 Talent Night Performance:

As soon as the week ends, the alums from the O-week team bid goodbye to the campus and leave their home in the hands of its new inhabitants.

Alumni Speak: "Living the O week and then Organizing it next year was one of my best experiences at ISB. That's when you discover how talent and diverse your cohort is." Manan Puri, ISB Class of 2013, Co-Founder, Strategy4GMAT 

Application tip:  As you can now see, ISB brings together a bunch of talented people in each class. Hence, you may talk about your talents and experiences outside of work which demonstrates a well-rounded profile. ISB is keen to know not only “what you have done” but also know “who you are”!

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