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The best admission consultants for ISB are ISB alumni who provide admissions consulting services. Having "been there, done that" not only during the ISB application phase but also during the 1 year at ISB and thereafter, they bring with them experience that other consultants (ex-admissions team at ISB or ISB YLP / EEO admits) find hard to offer. Let's have a detailed look at how one can choose the best admission consultant for ISB:

Getting into a ISB is one of the biggest the investments you would make in your life (after your house, car and marriage). If you are reading this, then you are most likely thinking of making this investment. This is an investment which will provide you access to top corporates & entrepreneurs in the country. It will also transform you as a person – the way you think, the way you view your business, career, and life. Most importantly, this is the investment that can unleash your potential and make you go from a software engineer (pre-ISB) to a Partner at a top global consulting firm in just 10 years.


However, before making this investment, you need to make another investment – an investment in choosing your mentor through the MBA admissions process. While this might not be as significant in financial terms, it is surely as significant in real terms. This is the investment which will determine whether you get into your dream school in the coming year or you need to try again, next year, thus delaying getting into the career you have always dreamt of. Hence, you would want to go for the most comprehensive service - in short, the best admission consultant for ISB. There are many kinds of ISB admissions consultants out there: each bringing unique experiences & skill-sets. 


There are ex- ISB admissions committee members who have screened and interviewed many candidates over the years. They know the process in & out & know what it takes. However, they do not have a first-hand experience of “Life at ISB”. They haven’t gone through sleepless nights, the pressure of assignments, case competitions, leading the student body comprising some of the smartest minds in the country and above all, placements!


Then there are ISB admits (YLP & Early Entry admits) who have been given deferred admissions by ISB. While they are smart and offer a lot of promise, having gone through the process themselves, they haven’t gone through the grind of the one year at ISB. Hence, their experience, at best, is second-hand. Getting into ISB is the easier part, it is said. Coming out of it as a winner is what really tests your character. Not having gone past the finish line, they can be a little myopic in their approach as the experience of ISB still awaits them.


Then, there are ISB alumni. They have not only got an admit, but have also lived on campus, been under tremendous pressure to keep pace with a rigorous MBA programme and have come out with flying colours on the other side. Moreover, they have also screened ISB applicants – evaluated their essays & interviewed them – thus played a pivotal role in their admission to the school. They bring with them an “insider’s view” to the school, having very closely worked with various departments, studied from top-notch faculty from across the globe, represented the school in various B-school competitions and having lived the “life at ISB” 24x7x365. They have also been mentors to students, participating in various alumni mentorship programmes & frequently visiting the campus to guide them on resumes, interviews and placements as a whole. Thus, they have all-round experience and the maturity to help applicants get into ISB.


Given the 360-degree view of the life before, during and post-ISB, alumni bring an unparalleled experience with them – thus being best positioned to mentor applicants through the ISB admissions process.


This article has been written by an ISB alumnus. Views are personal. 

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